The Mouth Can be Versatile: Mouth Factory

Putting the mouth to a myriad of uses aside from its basic functions, Cheng Guo built a series of machines that can be operated by the mouth of the user. The project explores “capabilities and versatility of this wondrous organ” which work together with facial expressions to get a series of performative devices to work. […]

Rube Goldberg Machine Works as an Impressive Page Turner [video]

Rube Goldberg machines are basically those that use an incredibly complicated process to get a simple job done. Joseph Herscher’s machine fits the bill pretty well. Triggered by a cup of coffee, the machine follows a series of steps to finally turn the page on the newspaper. Don’t ask what he’s going to do about […]

Thou shall not anger the most useless machine [video]

The thing the most useless machine does best, is to switch itself off as soon as you switch it on. That’s all a day’s work for the machine. But continue disturbing its slumber, and the machine will eventually have had enough. Let me say it again, these machines do not like being switched on. Via: […]

Cardboard Mechanics [Video]

Machines, gears, cogs, we’re used to seeing all of these in metal, and they are quite fascinating to watch. A group of four students at the Utrecht School of Art and Technology has created a “machine” out of cardboard, that is to say, cardboard replaces most metals and other materials that you’d expect in a […]