Gender Swapped Lord of the Rings Casting

The Lord of the Rings cast is predominantly men, so we guess it’s a fairly good exercise to flip the gender roles and see what female stars could have replaced the male cast in the movie. It’s a fairly well thought out exercise, and often seems quite acceptable. Annis had a very specific idea in mind when she created this set; the replacing characters should be of approximate fitting age, and should have some tie or relation to the character.

The Pugs of Middle Earth

Pugs of Middle Earth is a photo series that, well, puts pugs in costumes that would make them fit for middle earth. We are sure they would be pretty darn good at their job, and they would simply walk into middle earth because they’re pugs, dammit. Even Sauron wouldn’t have the heart to stop them, because then the pugs would be sad and no one wants to make pugs sad. Also, I’m 12.

Epic Recreation of Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm’s Deep With 150,000 Bricks

One insanely detailed and amazing project, this is the recreation of the battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings. The build by Rich-K and Big J is about 90 percent complete, and manages to look epic even with that tag of being “unfinished.” Setting the scene for the battle, 150,000 bricks have gone to build the walls, towers, ladders and the general landscape, while 1700 minifigs take their roles as elven, human and orc armies engaged in battle.