IRL Gandalf Unsuccessfully Attempts ‘You Shall Not Pass’ [video]

It looks like people are very dismissive of the greatness of Gandalf the Grey, and they shall pass even if he tries to stop them. He must think it was easier dealing with balrogs and orcs. via

Astronomer Recreates the Solar System From Lord of the Rings

Astrophysics professor Kristine Larsen used clues and hints scattered through the books of J.R.R. Tolkein to create this model of the solar system of the Lord of the Rings universe. As is clearly visible, the solar system takes much inspiration from our own, except a few changes and the different names.

Lord of the Rings Characters As Tarot Card Illustrations

Russian artist SceithAilm has illustrated various characters from Lord of the Rings and put them up on Tarot cards. Come to think of it, several of these cards can actually go well with classic tarot card illustrations and images.

Watercolor and Tea Stain Paintings for LoTR

Artist Kinko-White paints using water colors and tea stains to bring out the magic hidden in Lord of the Rings. The paintings are often accompanied by quotes, adding to the effect of the already impressive paintings.

Gender Swapped Lord of the Rings Casting

The Lord of the Rings cast is predominantly men, so we guess it’s a fairly good exercise to flip the gender roles and see what female stars could have replaced the male cast in the movie. It’s a fairly well thought out exercise, and often seems quite acceptable. Annis had a very specific idea in […]

The Pugs of Middle Earth

Pugs of Middle Earth is a photo series that, well, puts pugs in costumes that would make them fit for middle earth. We are sure they would be pretty darn good at their job, and they would simply walk into middle earth because they’re pugs, dammit. Even Sauron wouldn’t have the heart to stop them, […]

Lord of the Rings Chess Posters

Artist Patrick Connan made movie posters for all three of the Lord of the Rings movies. Only, he used chess pieces as artwork for the posters and to get the idea across. At first look, the idea is a long shot, but a look at the posters and you realize the chess analogy fits like […]

Epic Recreation of Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm’s Deep With 150,000 Bricks

One insanely detailed and amazing project, this is the recreation of the battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings. The build by Rich-K and Big J is about 90 percent complete, and manages to look epic even with that tag of being “unfinished.” Setting the scene for the battle, 150,000 bricks have gone […]

Time Line of the One Ring

There is an extensive lore about the Middle Earth and the elements and characters that surround it. Even for enthusiasts, it may not be easy to keep up with the extensive lore of the universe. This graphic by Emil Johansson shows the timeline of the one ring in one detail, handy image that has enough […]

Lord of the Rings Characters Get Together in a Facebook Thread

Everyone, their mother and their dog uses Facebook these days. As do superheroes and LoTR characters. Here’s another fun Facebook thread by the comic masters at Pwnicorn, where LoTR characters show themselves on Facebook.

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