Glitter Lips Temporary Tattoos

All that glitters are shiny lips with these lip tattoos. We’ve seen these lip tattoos by Violent Lips in patterns before, and this time they’ve gone all shiny and sparkly. The temporary tattoos can last four to twenty four hours and look really shiny and sparkly while doing so. Available on Amazon.

Superheroes Lip Art

Inspired by The Avengers, and knowing fully the power of lips, Jonathan Knowles teamed up with make-up artist Celine Nonon to create this nerdy hot series of lip art.

Temporary, stylish tattoos for your lips

I’m no fashion expert even by a long shot, but lip tattoos and lip art sure seem to be getting popular with every single passing day. In place of wrestling around with gloss or lipstick, you could just put on a temporary tattoo, with stylish looks and interesting designs. I can’t really decide if they […]

Amazing animal lip art

Created by deviantArtist viridis-somnio, these images from Animal-ipstick Series are quite cool. It is quite an enjoyable series of lip art, and imaginative at the same time. Via: Viridis-Somnio, LikeCool