Let There be Light, With AK-47 Lamps

Guns hardly do a job that has anything to do with spreading light or illumination, except when they’re made of ceramics and have light bulbs on top. The guns are handcrafted from ceramics with great attention to detail and stand nearly three feet tall. Priced at $450. Via TIWIB

Ice Cream Flavored Lighting With Whippy Light

CFLs could look a lot more better with a waffle cone base and ice cream looks. Actually, anything looks better with waffles and ice cream appearance. The lamps are the work of designer Nahoko Koyama. Via Unplggd, Fancy

Bamboo-Lighted Wonderland

Taiwanese designer Jeff Dah-Yue Shi made this wonderland kind of place using dimmable LEDs in floors, ceilings and walls, along with an intelligent use of bamboo that gives the place an optical illusion type of appearance. Each bamboo rhombus has an LED at its base as the lighting source.

Motorlight Wall Light System

Motorlight Wall by designer Jake Dyson is a remote controlled mechanical lamp that loosely goes from a lightsaber to a fan at the touch of a button. The wall mounted lamp is a variable angle uplight that can go from a beam of 10 degrees to 120 degrees, allowing users to have a wide range […]

Chemistry Equipment Repurposed Into a Lamp

Things like this send our geeky side tingling. The Beaker Lab Light is made from repurposed chemistry lab equipment, demonstrated by the presence of beakers and clampers and the sheer fascination of chemistry. Costs $249. Via CMYBacon

Spoticam Lights: You’re Being Watched

We have become so acclimatized to security and CCTV cameras, we won’t even take another look at something of that shape. Although, this design by Antrepo does make us think that the shape would be pretty well suited for table lamps. Spoticam has been designed with a somewhat robotic shape and style, but at the […]

Vintage Cameras Make Great Nightlights

Jason Hull used old, vintage cameras from the ’50s and ’60s and converts them into these really cool looking night lights. Hull is a Pixar employee and created these night lights to sell at the company’s craft fair in December, he does say that he will sell any unsold nightlights on Etsy.

Pooring Stars Table Lamp

Simple and cute we oddly the Pooring Stars lamp from Baita Design to be oddly inspiring and incredibly lovely.

Coffee Lights In The True Sense

Coffee cup lamps seem to be the natural choice when the idea is to light up a coffee shop. The light colored cups go perfectly well with the dark saucers and the lamps would go extremely well with the ambiance. Except for one minor hiccup, these things cost €160 (~$220). Via Fancy

Life Size Lamps

We maintain that the life size lamps from Bizzotto are not creepy in the least, and are great for lighting by virtue of being human-styled and human size. Actually, we doubt they’d work for a home environment, but in the hands of a creative decorator, these things might have some substance. Also, the dramatic element […]