Coolness: Surface Tension Lamp

It’s been a while since we laid eyes on something, and immediately turned into fans. The Surface Tension Lamp is one of these things, and we’re totally in love with the idea. A bubble forms at the end of the lamp, and while it does soon burst, for the fleeting moment it lasts for, it puts up an amazing light show. Checkout the videos below to see it in action, and praise the good folks at Front Design for their work.

Motorlight Wall Light System

Motorlight Wall by designer Jake Dyson is a remote controlled mechanical lamp that loosely goes from a lightsaber to a fan at the touch of a button. The wall mounted lamp is a variable angle uplight that can go from a beam of 10 degrees to 120 degrees, allowing users to have a wide range of options. The lights can be controlled by a remote either individually or as a series.