CMYK Bulb Spreads The Colors

CMYK bulb by designer Dennis Parren has a penchant for casting colorful shadows. It has one main a main bulb for the usual lighting purpose, and colored LEDs in red, green and blue on its back that cast shadows in cyan, magenta and yellow. While that setting alone could be quite the killer, the lamp also manages to work exceptionally well with shades added so you can manipulate the colors coming forth from the LEDs.

Designer Lamps Shine Submerged

Classic lightbulbs don’t mix with water, but they sure would look super cool if these images by AuraDesign are anything to go by. The Czech design studio has come up with a lightbulb named Edie, which is supposed to work when submerged. The idea of Edie is to mix two very important, but still separate universes of fire and liquid. The fire part of course, is handled by the incandescent light bulb, and the liquid could just as well be water. They have an Indiegogo campaign running to make the bulb a reality, where you could pre-order one as well.

Old Car Parts Transformed Into Neat Lamps

Endowed with enough style to make gearheads happy, these lamps by Deron Dixon have their roots in old car parts. Various parts come together to create the base for the lamp, from which projects a stem to hold the shade and bulb. Deron says it’s a process of trial and error, where the best laid ideas might not exactly work out, and some errors might work out to be useful.

Chandelier Made From 5000 Gummy Bears

Now that’s a shiny treat we’d be happy to take a bite of. We’d rather eat gummy bears rather than hang them, but we wouldn’t quite mind them on a chandelier either. Artist Kevin Champeny created this Gummy Bear chandelier that goes 31-inches in diameter and includes 5000 gummy bears diffusing the sweet, colorful light in all directions. This one sells for $6500. There’s a smaller version as well, with 3000 Gummy Bears for $2400.

Human Shaped Floor Lamps

Gone are the good old days when you could keep humans as objects. You know, like the kind who stand in the background holding a lamp or serving their feudal lord without as much as being perceived or acknowledged. To those nostalgic for the old times, the Embarakiya lamps can provide some relief. Sadly they won’t work exactly as human minions, but you could find some solace in the humanoid shape of these floor lamps, plus the human sounds they utter through a speaker built into their torso.

Chocolate Lamp Spreads The Illumination of Taste

Chocolate lamp by Alexander Lervik is built up on the concept of light versus dark, which we thinks works very well with the mix of an electric bulb covered in a lamp shade of chocolate. It’s a light that gives no light at all, until the heat from the bulb starts to thaw the chocolate that slowly melts and moves to the container at the bottom, while the melting chocolate exposes the bulb that shines through.

DSRL Lens Pendant Lamp

Going beyond the DSLR, or maybe around the DSLR, Etsy seller Sandra Díaz has this DSRL lamp that is shaped much like a camera lens. The pendant lamp is a replica of a reflex camera lens and happens to be handmade out of cedar wood with water-based varnish and beewax finish. All the camera lens appearance probably also shows itself in the price; for the $670 tag does make it pretty expensive.