Light Painting Done the Kickass Way

Light painting photographs by Dennis Calvert are the most intense we’ve seen till now. Dennis sets his camera for the desired exposure and swings around glow sticks to create the desired effect. We’re so totally floored by the flame effects.

Brilliant Geometric Light Graffiti

The idea itself, and the amazing results that it can produce gives light painting a very interesting edge. This set comes to us courtesy Trevor Williams who used a set of custom tools made primarily of LEDs and Xenon flashlights. Most of the photographs have geometric patterns, but I’m absolutely inspired by the one where […]

Terrific Light Paintings By Brian Hart And Dena Pickering

This obviously isn’t the first time we’re seeing light paintings, but it is the first time we’re seeing them done in as much detail as these works by Brian Matthew Hart and Dena Pickering. The two spent one night in a dark attic and came up with these super interesting images they call Illinois 4. […]

F1 light paintings

Marc Cameron and Mark Brown have made this amazing set of images featuring light paintings of cars from the Formula 1 circuit. The duo made light paintings for Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Lotus, Virgin Racing, and Red Bull Formula 1 cars at Silverstone Circuit. Via Toxel

Vizualizing WiFi fields with light painting

If you have ever wondered what the waves of a WiFi network look like, this is your answer. These WiFi fields were visualized by Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Martinussen, who made good use of light painting to make these fields visible, and to capture their beauty. Via: Fubiz

Robot visualizes the digits of pi in light paintings

A robots take on pi with light paintings is totally worthy of our admiration and our time. Created by artist Nils Völker, the arduino controlled robot is equipped with LEDs and shows its love for pi by flashing its lights and scooting around the floor. Lights on the robot define the decimal digits of pi, […]