License plates and gears recycled into clocks

We’ve seen license plates be put to some creative use, like in belt buckles and fruit bowls, and now, clocks. These clocks have portions of recycled plates mounted on to recycled gears and set to tell the time. You can also get the clocks customized to your taste, like choosing the license plate or having […]

License plate bowls

Recycling vintage license plates and putting them together would give you something as simple and interesting as these license plate bowls. You can buy them on Etsy. Via: Incredible Things

Belt buckles made from recycled license plates

I could never have thought that license plates could look be used as belt buckles and keychains. But then I don’t think of a lot of things. Etsy shop Vintage in Retrospect sells belt buckles and keychains made from recycled license plates, which manage to look as cool as they sound. Via: CoolMaterial