Burning Legs Flame Tattoo Stockings

Flame tattoo stockings promise to add a “hot flame” to your legs, while keeping the stocking itself unobtrusively in the background. If the image is anything to go by, the stockings are pretty much invisible, letting the flames get all the glory. This might very well be legit, but when we see an execution so clean, we tend to get a little skeptical. Costs $58.

Armor Leggings Want to be Realistic

Based on the armor of fictional characters in videogames, comics, movies and TV, Vancouver, Canada based design studio Mitmunk (previously) has come up with a series of printed leggings that mimic armor. Since they are basing their designs in fiction, the pink armor becomes sort of admissible. Although overall, the designs do look good. Yup, even the pink ones.