These Scenic Chinese Landscapes Are Just Veiled Landfills

Images from Chinese artist Yao Lu present a very familiar scenery. They look like conventional paintings of Chinese landscapes shrouded in mist and flaunting natural beauty. In reality however, these are digitally manipulated images of landfills showing off mounds of rubbish and refuse. The landfills are merely draped in green nets that provide the appearance […]

Water Mirrors the Sky [pic]

Taken at sunrise, this wonderful image by CKoontz shows the sky reflected in still waters. Reminds us of the stunning Bolivian salt flats. Via TreeHugger

Frozen Trees Around Lake Ontario

The winter has worked its magic around lake Ontario, and landscape photographer Timothy Corbin used his camera to capture it all in its glory.

More Landscapes Carved onto Books

Carrying on with his amazing style and skill of carving landscapes out of books, Guy Laramee has a new set to show. His skill just keeps getting better and better!

Breathtaking Landscapes by Raphael Olivier

Shanghai based freelance editorial and corporate photographer Raphael Olivier takes advantage of his location to shoot images in and around China. The result is this set of breathtaking landscapes captured in Asia, notably Afghanistan, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam and of course, China.

Magnificent Landscapes Carved out of Books

Artist Guy Laramee carves these magnificent and beautiful landscapes from books. Books are packed and the pages cut to carve out amazing settings and scenes, for these two series entitled Biblios and The Great Wall.

‘Beautiful Landscape Sculptures’ Made on Books

Beautiful Landscape Sculptures is a creative series by British artist Kyle Kirkpatrick. The fictional landscapes take root in a very fertile medium: books. The tiny dioramas have their topographies and landscapes carved out of books, creating a wondrous world that lets viewers imagine the landscape, fictional as it may be.

Projections Photographed on Nocturnal Landscapes

In what seems to be quite an odd set, photographer Jim Sanborn made use of an exceptionally powerful projector to create geometric patterns on nocturnal landscapes, and then proceeded to photograph them. It is as easy as that, though we do have to wonder how the photographer managed a projector so powerful. The images are […]

Amazing Landscapes Photographed by Craig Easton

Craig Easton is a UK-based advertising photographer, and we think he has chosen the correct profession. If things were presented to us in as clear and impressive formats as these images, we’d probably buy them in a heartbeat. Checkout this set of simple yet amazingly clear landscapes captured by the photographer.

Miniature landscapes by Gregory Euclide

Sculptures/paintings made by Gregory Euclide make brilliant use of available materials to create striking paintings and landscapes. They combine various settings, and to some extent, the geographic distribution that would be expected in certain areas.

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