High five this lamp to switch it on/off

Having fun and high-fiving a lamp is quite a pathetic way to celebrate, but better a lamp than nothing. Bye-5 lamp by designer Da Deng harps on the theme of positive feedback, by asking users to interact with it by high fives. Seems like fun, except of the, you know.. high fiving the lamp part. […]

Shark fin lamp adds thrills, takes out jaws

Designer Aleksandr Mukomelov‘s Shark Lamp could find as many uses as you could think of a shark fin. In fact, you could even get creative to play along with the lamp. Of course, remember not to take your own jaws out with it. Also, I make poor jokes and bad puns; but that doesn’t mean […]

AlessiLux ‘reinvents’ light bulbs into different shapes

There’s only a little scope of playing with the design of conventional incandescent light bulb, without messing with the light. Design company AlessiLux got on to the job of reinventing the light bulb, using three young designers to recreate the bulbs in various shapes and sizes. The result comes in the shape of these creatively […]

Lights made luxurious with a touch of swarovski crystals

Industrial designer Stephen Burks collaborated with Swarovski to create these elegant and stylish lighting designs. Entitled “Inside Out”, the series features chandeliers decked with Swarovski crystals. Light from LEDs in the lamps is refracted through the crystals, creating a rich prismatic display. Via: designboom

Pipe lights from MESH architectures

Pipe Lights from Brooklyn based studio MESH Architectures is a series of lamps that bring together plumbing and lighting mixed into an attractive combination. Lamps can be bought from the studio’s Etsy shop.

Common objects freed from monotony, recycled into curiously attractive lamps

RE:USE series from Oryx Studio recycles everyday objects into curious, quirky lamps. And it is the weird origin and execution of these lamps that makes them so likable. Via: DesignBreak

Alphabet chairs let your furniture speak out

The beauty of these alphabet chairs and quotation lamps combo is that you can kind of customize and personalize your living space the way you want it. Appropriately named Spell It Out! the collection from Tabisso includes chairs designed in the shape of alphabets from A through Z and numbers 0 to 9. The accompanying […]

fLume lamps made from trees

We’ll not talk about the presence of “f” in fLume lamps, because we’re kind of relieved it isn’t an “i.” Designed by et al. collaborative, the lamps came into being after the designers noticed discarded Christmas tree. Finding the opportunity for unique, one of a kind (and presumably heavy) lamps, the designers set to work […]

LSG’s LED bulb for those who miss the incandescent lamp

Quite a few people aren’t really happy with the ban on incandescent lamps, and some are working to get around the ban. It is the incandescent lamp lovers that Lighting Science Group hopes to please with its 60-Watt replacement. The lamp is free from mercury, lead, or other toxins, and costs $22. Via: JetsonGreen

Brainy creative insight lamp

Created as a reference to the classic good idea light-bulb joke, the Creative Insight flourescent lamp should get your brain to work. Or itself. Whatever. Designed by Solovyovdesign.