Symbiosis lamp can stretch its rubber up any shape

Symbiosis lamp from designer Rafael Morgan makes use of an “internal spring mechanism” that lets it latch on to various objects that can be cylindrical in shape, creating interesting patterns for the lamp. Well, we have no idea what that “internal spring mechanism” is, but it behaves suspiciously like rubber. Via DesignSpotter

Doodle lamp lets you draw its wires

With the doodle lamp, you don’t really have to worry about wires and sockets. All you need to do is paint a good line from the lamp to a power source, and let the silver in the lamp do its job. Via MoCoLoco

The Living Light loves it when people socialize

Modern way of life gives us little time to socialize, mostly keeping us all busy in our own lives. Living Light is something that encourages people to socialize. Designed by Joon&Jung, the lamp manages its brightness considering the number of people around it. As the group of people close to the lamp increases in numbers, […]

Beautiful lamps crafted from re-purposed materials

There is an inherent beauty in the Steampunk-ish old timey lamps from artist Cory Barkman. He has just sent us images of the latest batch of lamps. Like their predecessors, these lamps are made mostly from repurposed materials. Cory starts off work with a design and idea, foraging for exact parts that would blend, work […]

Cloud Lamp

Minimalist and sweet looking lamp designed by Zhao Liping. Via: LikeCool

Beute lamps give cardboard a life

Packaging is one of the most wasteful practices of our time. No matter how you see it, perfectly good and only slightly used cardboard ends up in dumps. Which is why we like Beute lamps from Germany based designer Michael Wolke. The lamps are made from discarded cardboard, reusing a material that is good enough […]

Brand new antiquity of bOX O2 lamps

Putting the old into the new, the O2 lamps have a solid walnut or solid maple base, treated with teak oil and hold two Edison vintage carbon filament bulbs. Designed by Alper Nakri, the lamps are handcrafted into their unique shape and style. We don’t know much, except we just love the look of the […]

Stylish and interesting lighting designs by Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer‘s unique lighting designs are an easy catch for the eyes. They do not seem extravagant, but they have been so well executed you can’t help admiring them.

Crazy ass and shining boob lamps by Tembolat Gugkaev

Okay… so these lamps are weird. But we like the philosophy of designer Tembolat Gugkaev‘s Buuulbs lamp and Hemispheres lamp, as Gugkaev says, “The most beautiful part of female body should shine!”

Indoor post lamps bring street lights inside your home

In the spirit of fairness, if table lamps can go out on the street, post lamps should be allowed in homes. Thankfully, La Lumiere lamps by Gallery Vetri D’Arte aren’t like the modern lifeless cylinders you see on streets, but slightly ornate like the endangered species of beautiful old-timey lamp posts. The floor lamp is […]

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