Grass Lamp Has a Sweet, Fresh Design

We like Marko Vuvkovic‘s Grass Lamp. The design is fresh, simple and beautiful. The designer intended to bring a part of “nature inside the house” and that part comes from the patch of grass sitting sweetly with the curves of this lamp. A light source is located directly above this patch of grass to help it grow, and obviously, to do the part of a lamp. Made out of PVC plastic, the lamp is available in floor lamp and pendant variations.

The Simple and Elegant Wrappie Lamp

Nothing says good design like a product that can have an impression on the onlooker in the first glance. The Wrappie Lamp we believe, manages to do just that, even though the design is quite simple, but with tones of elegance. The lamp has been designed by Tomasz Pydo and was on display at the 2011 edition of Make Me! exhibition in Poland.

Via MoCoLoco

The Living Light loves it when people socialize

Modern way of life gives us little time to socialize, mostly keeping us all busy in our own lives. Living Light is something that encourages people to socialize. Designed by Joon&Jung, the lamp manages its brightness considering the number of people around it. As the group of people close to the lamp increases in numbers, the lamp “blossoms like a flower” steadily increasing the amount of light and even spreading its own petals. The maximum brightness this lamp can reach is 1750 Lumen (equivalent to 220V 120W incandescent light bulb), while consuming just 15W of power.

Beautiful lamps crafted from re-purposed materials

There is an inherent beauty in the Steampunk-ish old timey lamps from artist Cory Barkman. He has just sent us images of the latest batch of lamps. Like their predecessors, these lamps are made mostly from repurposed materials. Cory starts off work with a design and idea, foraging for exact parts that would blend, work well with the lamps. If the artist is unable to find parts for the meticulously designed lamps, he gets to work forging them by himself.