Lamborghini Aventador J

At the Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini dropped the top off the Aventador to reveal a car that is so utterly sexy, and so surprisingly beautiful, it could be mistaken to be a concept. This is the production Lamborghini Aventador J. It uses the engine as the Aventador to power itself, a 6.5-l V12 motor that […]

Watch a Lamborghini be Assembled in 2 Minutes [video]

Great precision and skill goes into the making of a Lamborghini as craftsmen laboriously pore over each detail, crafting it to excellence. But if the need be, the same skilled hands can put together a Lamborghini incredibly fast.

Lamborghini Aventador Inspired Avengers Tourbillon Watch

Lamborghini Aventador is one hell of a beast, and the Avengers seeks to bring the same aggressiveness and finesse to the wrist. That was quite a challenge, but designer Marko Petrovic seems to have done just fine. The concept watch uses the rare vertical tourbillon that should come in handy to save some space in […]

Video Mapping on a Lamborghini

Everything looks good on a Lamborghini, unless of course if your idea is to murder the aesthetics of the grand supercar. Thankfully, this one does not go that way. The Media Merchants used the Lamborghini Reventon as a canvas at an even to present an audio visual projection mapping experience. And they’ve done good; not […]

Lamborghini Mantis Concept

Lamborghini Mantis concept envisions a somewhat “tame” Lamborghini and we guess that’s what made designer Hazael Estrada choose the name, which is a departure of Lamborghini’s tradition of naming cars after bulls. The Mantis concept has a slightly futuristic design, and a very aerodynamic body that can apparently adjust with the airflow to stay aerodynamic. […]

Model Lamborghini is Much More Expensive Than the Car Itself

We’d consider something as beautifully sculpted as the Lamborghini Aventador as a work of art itself, but then this Lamborghini Aventador 1:8 scale model would probably fall into some different, otherworldy category. The work of German model maker Robert Gülpen has been made out of carbon, platinum, gold, and studded with precious gems and stones.

Lamborghini’s Sinfully Sexy Gallardo 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale

Lamborghini dropped this super sexy Gallardo as a bomb at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show. Named Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale is the fastest Gallardo ever made. As is the norm with Lamborghinis, the name itself speaks volumes about the car. This Gallardo commands a power of 570 PS, transmitted to all four wheels […]

Watch the Lamborghini Aventador in action, in this amazing 3 minute video

For a mighty supercar like Lamborghini Aventador, three minutes is more than enough to make a solid impression. Watch the car take on the forces of nature, as it navigates the Californian desert Coyote Dry Lakebed in this 3-minute special effect thunderstorm. Via: TCH

Behold! The might of the Lamborghini Levo

Take a good, hard look at these renderings, the car is a thing of beauty. Created by Mauro Lecchi, the Lamborghini Levo concept takes a leaf from the design of the Lamborghini Murcielago. Lechhi says he likes his work to be closer to reality, rather than some far off concept, so the Levo does not […]

Pissed at his Lamborghini, man introduces the supercar to sledgehammers

Pissed at the poor and unreliable performance of his Lamborghini Gallardo, a Chinese enterpreneur decided to do what any sane person would do: beat the shit out of the car with sledgehammers. The Lambo had been bought in October last year, and had recurrent problems. After the dealership managed to make matters worse by messing […]

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