Skin makes iPhone 4 look like a Leica

Well, the idea has been floating around for a long time, and there obviously are a lot of people who wouldn’t mind giving their iPhone a Leica makeover. This plastic skin for the iPhone 4 makes it look like a Leica rangefinder camera. Costs $13.

‘Umbilical’ cable gets all squirmy when connected to the iPhone

Remember the gross mechanical tumor? This cable is that thing’s sibling. When the umbilical cord inspired charger cable comes in contact with an iPhone, it squirms, and wreaths and grosses us out. Via: PinkTentacle

iPhone case has a flip-out keyboard

If there’s one thing the iPhone’s virtual keyboard lacks, the first reply has to be tactile feedback, because that makes typing so much easier. Carrying a keyboard along is a pain, so this iPhone case with flip-out keyboard obviously has some merit. The cases are available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and cost $50 […]

iPhone cutting board is as powerful as the Apple tree MacBook

Don’t let the size fool you. MyBrett cutting board may be the size of the iPad, but it has been created to look like the iPhone. The laser engraved wooden piece MyBrett (German for my cutting board) has things like sausage, egg, tea and cheese “icons” for its wooden screen. Costs $20, which of course […]

It’s new and it shines: The iPhone 4 coffee table

This iPhone 4 won’t have any antenna issues, because it has no antenna and it is friggin’ huge. Also, it is not an iPhone. It is a coffee table shaped like an iPhone and it shines, but doesn’t flash. From what we gather, it is a one-off custom made piece and isn’t likely to be […]

iBottleopener iPhone case gets brownie points for opening beer bottles

There are a lot of iPhone cases that would give you custom graphics, looks and whatnot, but how many of them can actually pop open a bottle of beer? iBottleopener can get the job done, and perhaps open bottles for other not-so-important things as well. The case is currently available for iPhone 3G/3GS, and an […]

Accessory turns iPhone into a pinball machine

The Pinball Magic accessory converts the iPhone into a pinball machine complete with flipper buttons, a ball-launching plunger, and LED-lit animated backbox. Legs on the “pinball machine” are foldable for better portability. An app will work in conjunction with the accessory for the complete pinball experience. The pinball accessory comes from New Potato Tech, the […]

If Droid gets the R2-D2 look, can the iPhone be far behind?

So Droid 2 is officially getting a limited R2-D2 look when it launches. Obviously, some iPhone users would like to dress their phone in R2-D2 looks as well, so the Star Wars shop has a case for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3 GS users. The R2-D2 iPhone Hard Case with Sculpted Details is available for […]

Case transforms iPhone into an old fashioned brick phone

Sleek phones rule the world, but it never hurts to go back in time and pick up those huge brick phones once in a while. Well, they aren’t any good for function, but their form could be made use of. Much like the desk phone dock for the iPhone, the Zack Morris Speaker Case transforms […]

Information looks much better when relayed through floating ping pong balls

Presenting information in an interesting way probably is as important as the information itself. While not revolutionary, Richard Harvey’s Floating Forecaster does present information in a very cool package. It uses a matrix of 30 floating ping pong balls to display information and was initially developed to display weather information with the balls playing the […]