iPhone 4 steering wheel with speakers for better gaming experience

Playing racing games on the iPhone gets a wee-bit more enjoyable if you can dock the device into something like a steering wheel, making motions much natural and easier. Of course, that isn’t quite the best choice unless you’re way into racing games on the iPhone. This iPhone steering wheel also includes a set of speakers to make gaming more fun. The speakers attach to the phone via its headphone jack, while the phone itself can rest easy in the steering wheel while you have fun playing games. Costs $22.

Via: Coolest Gadgets, OhGizmo

iPhone 4 cases made from old skateboard decks

This series of limited edition iPhone cases from Grove and MapleXO has its USP in being made out of old skateboard decks. The year long collaboration involved cutting down 300 skateboards into layered strips, which were then put together with glue in hand-selected color combinations, creating unique iPhone cases. The limited edition series had a run of just 50 units, most of which have already been sold.

Via: designboom

WALdok is a sweet companion for the iPhone

All the WALdok ever wants to do, is to stay with the iPhone. The simple attachment functions as a dock for the iPhone, charging the device while taking up minimal space, and if you decide to play music, the WALdok will put its own battery to use playing music from your device. Additionally, its bass chamber simulates a sub-woofer, so you get better sound quality. WALdok can get along with any iDevice that uses a 30-pin connector. Also, it’s so tiny and hassle-free, it’s almost cute. If you like it, you can take a look at the WALdok at Kickstarter.