Motorized kitchen island is commanded by iPhone

In a bid to have both maximum floor space and an island, Tim Thaler went down the motorized route to create an island hidden in the floor. The motorized island is controlled by an iPhone app, coming up and sinking back into the ground at the touch of a button. Via: Design-Milk

10 iPhone cases you’d want to have a look at [cluster]

iPhone cases come in a variety of designs, ranging from the intriguing and ineresting to the totally absurd and crazy. The kind of variety you’d want to suit for your mood, taste and the plain requirement for the iPhone case you’d be looking for. Here’s a collection of 10 iPhone cases we’ve seen and blogged […]

iPhone 4 steering wheel with speakers for better gaming experience

Playing racing games on the iPhone gets a wee-bit more enjoyable if you can dock the device into something like a steering wheel, making motions much natural and easier. Of course, that isn’t quite the best choice unless you’re way into racing games on the iPhone. This iPhone steering wheel also includes a set of […]

iPhone 4 cases made from old skateboard decks

This series of limited edition iPhone cases from Grove and MapleXO has its USP in being made out of old skateboard decks. The year long collaboration involved cutting down 300 skateboards into layered strips, which were then put together with glue in hand-selected color combinations, creating unique iPhone cases. The limited edition series had a […]

WALdok is a sweet companion for the iPhone

All the WALdok ever wants to do, is to stay with the iPhone. The simple attachment functions as a dock for the iPhone, charging the device while taking up minimal space, and if you decide to play music, the WALdok will put its own battery to use playing music from your device. Additionally, its bass […]

Using iPhones as playing cards

These people must have a lot of fake iPhones on their hands, to be playing cards with the phones. With cards like that, I guess cheating would be super easy. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to be with your stack of Shanzhai (counterfeit/ fake) iPhones. Via: MicGadget, PSFK

Bioserie iPhone 4 cases love the phone and the environment

Bioserie iPhone 4 cases tout their environment friendliness in being made from plant-based materials. They’re eco-friendly, they claim to be super light and well, they kind of look good. The cases are priced at $35. Via: Geeksugar

Bubble wrap case for the iPad and iPhone

For people with twitchy fingers like me, these Bubble Wrap cases are going to be quite a problem. What is the point of a bubble wrap if you cannot have the sweet sweet pleasure of bursting those little things. Obviously, that can’t be done with these tear-resistant, jelly-filled iCoat cases, so getting one is going […]

Arkcanary II acoustic speaker for the iPhone

Arkcanary speaker looks like stuffing a bugle up the iPhone, but the acoustic amplifier/speaker promises to trump up the gadget’s sound using the same principle as old school gramaphones, without sucking up the phone’s battery. Costs $13. Via: CoolMaterial

Wooden iPhone covers from Lazerwood

Lazerwood has come up with these cool designer cases for the iPhone. True to their name, each of these is made of wood and includes provisions to get rid of the infamous “death grip” on the iPhone. Cost $30. Via: Nalden

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