Behemoth iPhone Dock Even the Crazies Would Shy Away From

Here’s a rule of thumb, you stay the fuck away from anything that would make the crazies think a second time. We tend to believe a 700 pound iPhone dock falls under that very category. We’d like to think that this was some grand photoshop, but the iNukeBoom happens to be very much real and it is expected that Behringer will show off the giant dock at CES next year.

Case transforms iPhone into an old fashioned brick phone

Sleek phones rule the world, but it never hurts to go back in time and pick up those huge brick phones once in a while. Well, they aren’t any good for function, but their form could be made use of. Much like the desk phone dock for the iPhone, the Zack Morris Speaker Case transforms the phone into an old fashioned brick phone, adds a charger, speakers, FM Radio and for good measure, even a backlit LCD. See the Windows Vista screen on the phone rendering? That’s an attempt at humor.

Via: Retro Cells, ChipChick

Jackpot Slots dock turns the iPhone into a slot-machine

Jackpot Slots is more than just a dock for the iPhone/iPod Touch, this dock takes the gadget into an entirely another existence, making it a slot machine. Now that may be a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about the entire gambling with a dock thing. The dock itself costs $40, while the accompanying app can is available for free at the app store.

Via: GadgetLab

iPhone 4 gets a Steampunk dock modeled after the retro phone

Creating something like the fusion of time, the iRetrofone dock lets you combine your modern iPhone 4 with the retro deskphone plus the Victorian Steampunk look. Time travel just got easier. The iRetrofone base has been hand-sculpted by artist Scott Freeland, and is a fully-functional good looking dock that sells for $450. Well, not as good-looking as the Desk Phone dock though.

Via: GeekyGadgets, SlipperyBrick

iVictrola iPhone Dock Brings The Old To The New

The form of the iVictrola iPhone/iPod dock is a clear give away of its intention of making us pay for our love of old-school newbies. It has “Solid walnut base is hand-carved from high-end furniture production remnants” and an all metal Vintage Magnavox horn that provides acoustic amplification without the use of any wires or electricity. Costs $400, though it seems the item isn’t in stock anymore.