The Many Masks of Spiderman

Everyone recognizes spidey by the conventional mask he wears. In the comic universe though, spidey is no different than the other superheroes and has seen quite a variety of masks over time; including a paper bag. Because that’s just how the amazing spider man rolls. This infographic by takes a look at the masks spider man has worn through the years.

Vampire Appliances That Suck the Life Out of Your Wallet in Utility Bills

Appliances we use at home are mostly just at “sleep” when not in use, rather than being completely powered off. While in their sleep state the appliances and gadgets don’t consume as much power and electricity as they would while working, they do consume small, yet very well noticeable amounts of power. This is generally given the name of vampire power or standby power.

Infographic Takes a Quick Look at Medicine History: 1950 vs Now

Medical technology has made huge advances over time, with innovation, advances in technology and our better understanding of the functions of the human body changing the landscape of healthcare. Of course, changes in lifestyle bring along a whole set of new problems, like those that this infographic highlights in a very quick look and comparison of medical industry in the 1950s vs its present state.