Minimalist Animated Posters for Harry Potter Series

Playing up to the Harry Potter series, artist Jessica Martinez has created a set of animated gif images for all seven books of the series. The images focus on a primary event or object in the related book, and animate it for full effect. It would probably be more like how all images work in […]

Paris Cliché Posters

A humorous set of 20 posters, these illustrations by Simon Sek capture the 20 districts of Paris and the clichés, stereotypes or simply what the areas are famous for associated with them. The posters take a minimalist approach, trying to describe the area with a simple image or object.

Animals From History

Illustrations from artist Christina Hess show animals playing the roles of important characters of human history. These illustrations are part of her e-book Animals From History. The illustrations are also available as prints and a calendar on the artist’s Etsy shop.

Superheroes as Manatees

If we imagined superheroes as manatees, we probably wouldn’t be doing the extremely good looking manatees any favor, but superheroes would get to show their skills a bit better. I have no idea how they would do this, but we’re sure someone could cook something up; probably a world where Aquaman is relevant. The illustrations […]

Superheroes on Part-time Jobs

Holding a steady job isn’t easy for a superhero. You can change in closets all you want, but the manager is going to be pissed off when the reporter can never be found when it is time for work. Superheroes on part-time jobs that were better suited to their personality would make better sense. Jobs […]

Famous Car Illustrations by Nicolas Bannister

French illustrator Nicolas Bannister has a series of intriguing pop culture car illustrations. All illustrations have a seemingly same composition and style, with the car taking the main platform, and the relevant characters showing up as distant figures or silhouettes in the background of the illustration. The set covers a good population of famous popular […]

Illustrations Team up With Photography

Ecuador based web and graphic designer Javier Pérez mixed up illustrations with carefully placed objects to create a mesmerizing mix of illustrations interacting with real world elements and photography.

Illustrations Call Out Annoying Co-Workers

Everyone has annoying co-workers, this set of illustrations just classifies them according to their annoying habits and descriptive funny names. Those who work in the creative field, will find the illustrations by Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman to be especially relevant.

Here’s Wolverine Beating Disney Princesses at Their Own Game

Not so long ago, we thought Nicholas Cage was the best Disney princess of them all. As it turns out, Wolverine wasn’t impressed and decided to show the world how much better than all Disney princesses he is, Nicholas Cage included, though we’ll leave that up for debate.

Male Superhero Costumes With a Serving of Female Pin-up Style

Illustrations by artist Stjepan Sejic put male superhero costumes in-line with the usual principle of female superhero costumes, which basically could be boiled down to show skin, strategically hide some parts. Here we have popular superheroes dressed up and posing with a touch of pin-up style appearance, smiling for the camera, and attempting to be […]