Classic Fairy Tales Given a Modern, Dark Twist

They may not essentially have been written that way, but the fairy tales we know end with happily ever afters and everyone breaking into song and dance. Now if the fairy tales moved to dark, modern setting, things would change dramatically and the ideal princesses that we know won’t be all so lovey dovey and […]

Mechanical-style Illustrations by Jason Gamber

Jason Gamber creates illustrations as if they were mechanical layouts. A good chunk of the set comes from famous Disney characters, though there are other illustrations as well.

Famous WWE Superstars Get Illustrated

For those of us who really were into (then) WWF during the late ’80s and early ’90s would really appreciate these illustrations by James White. The artist picked up some of the best known Superstars of WWE from that era, and presented them in these superb illustrations.

Classroom Chalkboard Art in Japan

Students in Japan make excellent use of their classroom chalkboards, creating these impressive drawings and illustrations that make great use of the abundant negative space. Apparently, these chalkboards are placed at the back of the classrooms, so it is likely the teachers don’t really mind students using that area to draw these awesome things. Themes […]

Thundercats Illustrated in Traditional Japanese and Ancient Egyptian Styles

Character designer Phil Postma (previously here, here and here) took Thunder Cats down the history lane, illustrating the characters in the style of traditional Japanese printing, and with another look superimposed on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It’s a cool mix, with Thundercats illustrated in the Japanese style, and the antagonists in the Egyptian style.

Hero-Glyphics: Superheroes in the Ancient World

Mixing the modern and the ancient, artist Josh Ln illustrates superheroes in the style of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, only in this set, they’re called Hero-Glyphics.

Words of Wisdom From Superheroes

Superheroes are meant to be inspiring, often with strength of character or their actions. Accompanied by strong imagery, they present a formidable visual input. Graphic designer Adam Thompson scoured the roles of superhero in comic books and on screen to come up with a set that presents superheroes with text of the words of wisdom […]

Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings by Linda Huber

Artist Linda Huber works with pencil to create stunningly realistic portraits that are not just excellent drawings, but the skill in shading makes them absolutely photorealistic. Each of these portraits and drawings is amazing, but what absolutely takes the cake is “The Face of David.” This view of the genius Michelangelo’s touch for the sculpture […]

Illustrating A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life by cartoonist and writer Gemma Correll takes the reader on a journey of a “vast array of canine shenanigans.” Take a note from these illustrations, and with the touches of humor really know what your dog thinks about you. The book is available on Amazon and teNeues.

Batman in Traditional Style Medieval Japan

Illustrations by Scott Wade put Batman and associated characters in the midst of action in medieval Japan. The series include Batman, Gordon and Mr. Freeze, all transported to be comfortable in the setting of feudal Japan. The style given the time period, is quite similar to the better known Japanese woodblock print gaming series by […]