Minimalist Animated Posters for Harry Potter Series

Minimalist Harry Potter Illustrations by Jessica Martinez

Playing up to the Harry Potter series, artist Jessica Martinez has created a set of animated gif images for all seven books of the series. The images focus on a primary event or object in the related book, and animate it for full effect. It would probably be more like how all images work in the Harry Potter world anyway. As an extra, each image also has Harry Potter’s lightning scar; sometimes clearly visible, and sometimes hidden well enough to make you search for it.

Superheroes on Part-time Jobs

superheroes on part time jobs by Chow Hon Lam

Holding a steady job isn’t easy for a superhero. You can change in closets all you want, but the manager is going to be pissed off when the reporter can never be found when it is time for work. Superheroes on part-time jobs that were better suited to their personality would make better sense. Jobs that don’t interfere with their work, don’t need them to take on a new persona, and also let them do their superhero thingy on pleasure.

Famous Car Illustrations by Nicolas Bannister

car illustrations by nicolas bannister

French illustrator Nicolas Bannister has a series of intriguing pop culture car illustrations. All illustrations have a seemingly same composition and style, with the car taking the main platform, and the relevant characters showing up as distant figures or silhouettes in the background of the illustration. The set covers a good population of famous popular culture cars, and manages to keep them in their own universe, even with similar styles of illustration.