Disney Princesses, Star Wars Mashup

Artist Ralph Sevelius illustrated Disney princesses as various characters from Star Wars, and they do a variety of roles in the series; from being Sith Lords to being frozen in carbonite.

Superheroes Illustrated as Little Kids

Artist Alberto Varanda illustrated superheroes as cute little kids. They no longer throw fists and punches, but defeat crime with cuteness.

Monstrous Realistic Pokemon

We know Pokemon as cute and cuddly animal-like characters. However, animal-like that they are, they would probably look drastically different in real world adaptations. Japanese artist Yuuki Morita has a few illustrations of Pokemon, created not as cute beings, but terrifyingly realistic monsters who would probably take pleasure in biting Ash Ketchum’s head off rather […]

Doctor Who Characters In The Style of Tim Burton

Australian artist and illustrator Michael Kenny has created a set of illustrations that represent Doctor Who characters as they would have looked under the art and style influence of Tim Burton. The set is mostly the doctors, but Clara gets an appearance as well.

Retro and Vintage Art For Modern Films and Characters

Artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo have come up with a series where modern movies and characters get a touch of the vintage and retro. The exhibit has been named Modern Vintage and is on display at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles today (December 6) onwards. Movies like Batman, Robocop, Army of Darkness and […]

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

Artist Jeff Nichol has come up with a series of prints where Breaking Bad characters, most notably Walter White, take their place on a deck of playing cards. We are missing the full set, but several of the characters and references do find room on the cards. Perhaps, we might get a full deck in […]

A Calendar of Sexy Monsters

It would appear that famous monsters have a sexy side, or at least that’s what they would like us to believe while they strike these “seductive” poses. The calendar of sexy monsters by artist Erika Deoude features 12 famous movie monsters, all trying their best to show off their seductive poses somewhat inspired by pin-up […]

X-Ray Illustrations of Cartoon Character Skeletons

Artist Chris Panda has a series of illustrations where cartoon characters go under X-Ray. Drawn in the style of coloring book sketches, they show off a rather disturbingly skeletal side of popular characters.

Disney Characters in the Final Fantasy World

Here’s Disney characters, most notably the princesses, taking their time to settle down in the world of Final Fantasy. Illustrations by artist Geryes.

Harmless War by Tang Chiew Ling

Harmless War by Tang Chiew Ling presents weapons and war gear in action, only rather than being armed with explosives or bullets, these weapons are armed with things as “harmless” as leaves, chocolate and dessert.