Swedish Musicians Play on Instruments of Snow

Since the winter refuses to leave, there is a super abundance of ice around us. While the Canadians built a truck out of it, the Swedish decided to go the musical route with ice. Project Ice Music from Luleå, Sweden has an orchestra playing music out of instruments crafted entirely from blocks of ice.

Canadian Company Makes a Truck Out of Ice, Takes It For a Spin

Once you get over the fear of freezing your butt off, there’s plenty of things you can do with all the snow and ice in Canada. Make a friggin’ truck out of it, for example. Out to show the world how rugged their car batteries are, a Canadian company sculpted 11,000 lbs of ice into […]

The Enchanting Wonderland of Chinese Ice Sculptures

The Chinese city of Harbim makes good of all the ice and the snow around to organize the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Cold winds and the ingenuity of the ice artists make these sculptures look great and the city a winter wonderland. Temperature in the city is around -16.67 degrees Celsius, so they […]

Quebec’s Hotel de Glace is a Snow and Ice Treat

Open for business outside Quebec City, Hotel de Glace is apparently North America’s only hotel made entirely from snow and ice. Built in the winters, the hotel is built with a new design every year. It takes 60 workers a month working with 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice to sculpt the […]

American marine in Afghanistan sends home his ice statue for Christmas

Neil Bucken, a marine serving in Afghanistan, wanted to be home for his sister’s birthday and for Christmas. However, he couldn’t be home for holidays, but his family was treated with a 7-feet tall ice statue of the 1st Lt. Neil Bucken, holding a red rose in his hands. The statue was created by Vincent […]