Histomap: 4000 Years of Human History in One Giant Image

What does a record of 4000 years of human history look like? A freaking huge image. This histomap was published by Rand McNally in 1931. It was printed on a five foot long folder, folded into a normal sized envelope and sold for a dollar each. Vertical axis on the map shows the time, while the horizontal shows the progress of various civilizations of world history.

Rare Photos Show The Statue of Liberty Being Built in 1883

Drawing of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable structures in the world today, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed by Frédéric Bartholdi in collaboration with the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, the sculpture stands at a height of 151 feet 1 inch (46 meters); from ground to torch, 305 feet 1 inch (93 meters) tall.

Official Rules For Yeti Seekers In Nepal, From 1959

Apparently there was interest enough in finding/capturing a Yeti, that the government of Nepal set up a license and certain rules towards Yeti expeditions. According to this document from 1959, the license for a yeti seeking expedition cost INR 500. The expedition had the permission to photograph or capture a Yeti, but shooting or killing one was prohibited unless for self-defense.

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Snowball Battles Of The Middle Ages In Paintings

Allegory of Winter by Ambrogio Lorenzetti fresco in the Palazzo Publico in Siena, c. 1338-1340

Snowball fights are a time-honored tradition that has probably been going on forever. These frescoes and paintings from the middle ages people frolicking and having snowball battles in the snow. Clearly, they did their battles dressed in robes and like bosses.

Story of the Famed ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ [video]

If you’re not living under a rock, there’s a chance that you have seen the famed “Keep Calm and Carry On” print; or at least some version of it. It was one of the propaganda posters the British had printed during the World War II, and it lay forgotten for a lot of time. Until it was rediscovered in the year 2000 and taken to its current iconic studio. Watch the video above for the entire history of the print/poster.

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Weihenstephan Brewery, Germany Has Been Continuously Operating Since 1040

Weihenstephan Brewery in Weihenstephan, Bavaria, Germany is widely considered to be the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world. The history of the place starts in the year 725 when Saint Corbinian arrived at the place with twelve companions and founded a church and monastery of Saint Stephen. History suggests brewing picked up in the year 768 in the place, but it was not until 1040 AD that brewing beer officially picked up.