Mass Graffiti Time Lapse

A warehouse on the demolition list in Brisbane gets its blaze of glory before it goes down, in the video titled Limitless. Filmmaker Selina Miles worked with street artists Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench, who were given an unlimited amount of Ironlak paint and asked to unleash their talents on the warehouse. Via Core77

Wonders of 3D Graffiti

Italian artist Manuel Di Rita (aka Peeta) has a unique style for the ways of graffiti. In fact, his style is so well executed, it goes way beyond the realms of traditional graffiti. The 3D graffiti appears to be hovering above the surface, rather than just be a 2-dimensional paint on a wall.

US Air Force Fighter Jets Get a Paintjob in Their Graveyard

Fighter jets and aircrafts have something of a glamorous life, but once they are out of the air they sit rotting in some ‘graveyard’ probably reminiscing the days gone by. The Arizona desert houses one huge cemetery like this, but the planes there have some hope of salvation with the Boneyard Project.

Glow In The Dark Spray Paint

Sometimes you need to go beyond the conventional and get hold of something so unconventional as this glow in the dark spray paint. A wee bit of talent and we see graffiti get a whole lot impressive with something like this. Costs $20.

Graffiti of War Project looks at graffiti by soldiers in the mideast

Graffiti of War is a project started by Iraq war veteran Jason Parsons who found interest in graffiti by US soldiers in the mideast. When he returned to US and faced bouts of PTSD, Jason decided to create a book documenting the graffiti he had seen. Jason now uses the platform to support the troops […]

Reverse graffiti

Rather than covering walls with paints, some artists appear to be cleaning dirt off the walls, creating these amazing images they call reverse graffiti. Apparently, this was all made for a marketing campaign by Clorox. Via: knewdrew, Reddit

Creative graffiti book covers everything you need to know

This creative and intelligently crafted design by London-based graphic designer Benoit Ollive. That truly is all you need to know about graffiti. Via: CMYBacon

Stay classy, Snow White

We’ve known for quite a while that the innocent Disney Princesses aren’t really that innocent. While she was singing and doing all that fairy tale stuff, we’d say Snow White quietly move to corners for a quick snort. The cocaine snorting Snow White made an appearance at the Buenos Aires Graffiti Tour. Via: RGS

Graffiti done in three dimensions

The work of graffiti artist Peeta looks less like graffiti and more like intricates sculptures built onto walls. All of these are hand-painted on indoor and outdoor walls by the artist. Via: Illusion

Funny and ‘interactive’ graffiti by Alexandre Orion

Put alone, Alexandre Orion‘s graffiti would look interesting, but it is only when it gets context that the work shows its true and impressive colors. Blending photography and street art, Orion gives life to his work. After painting the graffiti the artist stays waiting, camera at the ready, to capture the action at the right […]

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