Graffiti of War Project looks at graffiti by soldiers in the mideast

Graffiti of War is a project started by Iraq war veteran Jason Parsons who found interest in graffiti by US soldiers in the mideast. When he returned to US and faced bouts of PTSD, Jason decided to create a book documenting the graffiti he had seen. Jason now uses the platform to support the troops and tell their stories, by means of graffiti.

Via Beautiful/Decay

Funny and ‘interactive’ graffiti by Alexandre Orion

Put alone, Alexandre Orion‘s graffiti would look interesting, but it is only when it gets context that the work shows its true and impressive colors. Blending photography and street art, Orion gives life to his work. After painting the graffiti the artist stays waiting, camera at the ready, to capture the action at the right moment. Checkout the images to see the artist’s work.

Via: Shockblast, TrendHunter