Gameboy Tube Dress Shows You Have Been a Winner

Gentlemen, if you have a girlfriend who is happy and willing to wear this dress, you have a keeper. And ladies, if your man appreciates the Gameboy tube dress you wear, that guy is a keeper. It is probably like a test of geek compatibility and passing it means you win. The fact that it looks good surely helps the case of this dress. Available on Etsy for $65.

Via IT

Tiny Nintendo GameBoy arcade mod

Playing on a Nintendo GameBoy arcade doesn’t really sound comfortable, and pictures of the mod actually reinforce my belief. But ooohhhh look how cute it is, what it loses in function, it makes up in form. The arcade is hand-built in China, and built to order, so having one delivered will likely take good time (roughly 20 days for delivers and probably some more for the seller to build the item). The mod costs $150 on eBay, with another $25 added for shipping.