Get Drunk on a Gameboy: Nintendo Inspired Flask

Nerdtendo Gamebooze takes on the little looks of the Gameboy the best it can, but stays a flask at heart willing to store 8oz of booze for you. Use it enough, and you might even someday get around to playing a game on the flask. Costs $20. Via 8Bit, OW

Gameboy Inspired Coffee Mug

Made as part of a college assignment by designer Tiago Gonçalves, the Gameboy mug basks in the glory of a simple, attractive look. They aren’t particularly flashy, but the “New Game” on the cup side and game over at the bottom somehow make it all appear way better that it otherwise would.

Undead Game Boy

We hear the undead gameboy is lusting for braiiiiins. Don’t mistake it for some costumed trick or treat guy, this is the real deal. Although we hear it likes circuit boards and processors more than it likes the taste of flesh. Kodykoala made this figure out of an old gameboy.

Gameboy Tube Dress Shows You Have Been a Winner

Gentlemen, if you have a girlfriend who is happy and willing to wear this dress, you have a keeper. And ladies, if your man appreciates the Gameboy tube dress you wear, that guy is a keeper. It is probably like a test of geek compatibility and passing it means you win. The fact that it […]

Game Boy music, in hardware [video]

We’ve all heard a lot of music from the Game Boy, but we overlooked the melody of our fingers tapping at its buttons. Okay, that wasn’t quite melodic. The melody however, is where artist Sebastian Bender play music on the Gameboy hardware. Via: Kotaku

Tiny Nintendo GameBoy arcade mod

Playing on a Nintendo GameBoy arcade doesn’t really sound comfortable, and pictures of the mod actually reinforce my belief. But ooohhhh look how cute it is, what it loses in function, it makes up in form. The arcade is hand-built in China, and built to order, so having one delivered will likely take good time […]