Professor X Fires Jubilee, Or Lets Her Fire Herself

For those who are not keeping track, Professor X is busy firing X-Men in a series of sketches. Firing the mutants goes from cruel to extra cruel, as they get ripped a new one by the Professor for the series of sketches called Ex-Men. So far, the Professor has fired Wolverine, Gambit and Angel, and […]

Hilarious ‘Jingling of Bells’ for Boxer Advertisement

Kmart’s Christmas ad campaign for promotion of their Joe Boxer Apparel line has dudes lining up, and moving to the tune of “jingle bells” to endorse the boxers.

Man of Steel ‘Honest Trailer’ Is Spot On

Honest Trailers have a reputation for being funny and sarcastic. For the Man of Steel trailer, these guys put the movie just the way it is.

Now, Professor X Fires Angel [video]

Professor X fires Angel, not forgetting to make fun of the poor mutant. At least he was a bit more professional with Gambit and Wolverine, but poor Angel he just gets the boot straight up.

Illustrations Call Out Annoying Co-Workers

Everyone has annoying co-workers, this set of illustrations just classifies them according to their annoying habits and descriptive funny names. Those who work in the creative field, will find the illustrations by Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman to be especially relevant.

Clickbait Headlines for Major 20th Century News

Here’s imagining what major headlines for the last century might have looked like, had they all been written with the goal of getting more clicks. Well, that looks about right. Via xkcd

BaneDad is the Nemesis for BatDad

Given that we enjoyed the hilarity that BatDad brought to the table, we think BaneDad deserves good recognition as the true nemesis of BatDad. It’s his son who has to put up with the caprices of BaneDad. Hit ahead for Vines from BaneDad, played by New York based comedian Anthony Apruzzese.

Getting the Sexy Halloween Costume Right: Edgar Allan Ho

This dude, he’s got the sexy Halloween costume idea nailed. via

Humiliated Etsy Boyfriends

So your girlfriend’s got a great idea in crafted items and skill to match that. The only thing she needs now, is a model to show off her work on her Etsy store. That’s you, my dear fellow. Be a good man and model for your girlfriend. Although objectively speaking it would be near impossible […]

Non-Erotic Manual of Couple’s ‘Married Kamasutra’

A hilarious commentary on life after marriage, the ‘Married Kamasutra’ is a non-erotic guide to life after marriage. It’s mostly the illustrations in an Indian style that do the trick, while the commentary on non-existent positions adds to the hilarity of the situations depicted. The book by Simon Rich and Farley Katz is available on […]