Humiliated Etsy Boyfriends

So your girlfriend’s got a great idea in crafted items and skill to match that. The only thing she needs now, is a model to show off her work on her Etsy store. That’s you, my dear fellow. Be a good man and model for your girlfriend. Although objectively speaking it would be near impossible to know for every photograph if the dude really is the boyfriend, though for most images it won’t be a stretch of the imagination. We like to think the look of “wtf am I doing?” can be seen on some of these faces.

Non-Erotic Manual of Couple’s ‘Married Kamasutra’

A hilarious commentary on life after marriage, the ‘Married Kamasutra’ is a non-erotic guide to life after marriage. It’s mostly the illustrations in an Indian style that do the trick, while the commentary on non-existent positions adds to the hilarity of the situations depicted. The book by Simon Rich and Farley Katz is available on Amazon.