Fujitsu replacing optical drives with pico projectors

A long time ago, every computer used to have floppy disk drives, but they disappeared as the medium became obsolete. It would appear that optical drives are about to go down the same road. Fujitsu has announced that it will replace optical drives in its Lifebook laptops with pico projectors. Fujitsu hasn’t really spilled details […]

Fujitsu shows the greenest mouse, the M440

People, things aren’t quite awesome with gazillions of tons of e-waste piling up, so we appreciate anything that promises to cut down on that mountain of garbage. Fujitsu M440 mouse claims to be the greenest in the world, having all its non-metal parts made from biologically sourced renewable compounds like lignin, starch, and natural resins. […]

Fujitsu creates a teddy bear robot companion

Fujitsu has created a “social robot.” Besides being cuddly and adorable, the robot can respond to human interactions, using 300 preprogrammed physical and audio reactions. Fujitsu has placed a camera in the bot’s nose to allow for gesture recognition. The hope is to have the robot comfort the lonely, or use it in nursing homes […]

Fujitsu’s dual-touchscreen concept phone

Fujitsu has been playing around with a very interesting concept. The phone has a UI designed by TAT and two 960 x 480 displays. The screens can be switched between portrait and landscape displays, converting the phone into a clamshell or flip, effectively allowing you to change the phone’s form-factor. Scroll down for a video […]