Amazing Geeky Logos Made From Food

We’re hungry. We like food. We like it even more when it comes dressed as amazingly impressive geeky logos. Foogos is a website dedicated to showing cool geeky logos done all in food. For all we know, superheroes might be killing each other to get represented in those cool logos. Also, how the hell did Skeletor make the cut while poor He-Man is nowhere to be seen.

Deadly Desserts Will Make a Treat Out of You

Desserts are a wonderful treat, when we eat them. When the roles get reversed, things apparently aren’t going to be all that good. Cakes with teeth probably aren’t the best looking desserts around. Even with their monstrous looks, cakes are cakes, and we’re going to eat them anyway. We may avoid that mouth area with scary sharp teeth though. Made by sculptor Scott Hove, these cakes are a part of a show titled ‘Your Deadly Desserts’.

Celebrity Portraits Made With Toast

Everything gets better with toast done right. We could be talking of taste, but we are talking of art. Artist Henry Hargreaves decided to unlock the potential in toast and created these amazing celebrity portraits. Hargreaves did have support from Angela Barrow and Osvaldo Ponton who actually were toasting the bread. We kind of like the style of this bread-pixel art.