Celebrity Portraits Made With Toast

Everything gets better with toast done right. We could be talking of taste, but we are talking of art. Artist Henry Hargreaves decided to unlock the potential in toast and created these amazing celebrity portraits. Hargreaves did have support from Angela Barrow and Osvaldo Ponton who actually were toasting the bread. We kind of like the style of this bread-pixel art.

Fat Magnet Claims to Keep Your Food Fat Free

Those of us conscious about our diet would probably let go a little if the fat could be sucked out of the food we were about to eat. The fat magnet claims to remove fat from the surface of foods, all you have to do is skim the magnet at the surface and it would absorb all the fat. We’re not sure how exactly this works or if it is going to be worth any good at all, but we guess the premise alone would get this product a lot of buyers. Cost $13.

Via 7Gadgets