Shanghai has a Theme Park Full of Chocolate Delights

Shanghai has a wonderland, a theme park full of chocolate attractions. The theme park opened its gates in December last year. Visitors at Shanghai’s World Chocolate Wonderland get to see lifelike chocolate exhibits. Which makes us wonder, is it still a terracota army if it is made of chocolate? Also, I could totally devour that […]

Gingerbread Men do Yoga

Gingerbread men in yoga poses! Well if cats and dogs can do it, why not gingerbread men? Also, unlike cats and dogs, gingerbread cookies are delicious; not that we ever ate a cat or dog. You can get them as cookie cutters or as cookies from the Baked Ideas store. Delicious cookies and a very […]

The Banana Aliens are Coming!

Another genius banana carving from artist BANANASYOKUNIN. Via ObviousWinner

Perfect for the Season: Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Cupcakes! Christmas tree cupcakes! We love the idea already. Checkout the recipe here.

Skyrim Bacon Helmet

Since people can’t help adding bacon to nearly everything they see (not that we’re complaining). Reddittor Liktwo made this helmet for two things Reddit likes most, Bacon and Skyrim. Of course that doesn’t leave much room for another Reddit favorite, the Narwhals.

If Fashion Labels Were to Make Cupcakes [pics]

Cupcakes are like one of the best things out there, and in the world that loves brands, we really won’t be surprised to find brand labels vouching to get some space there. This series of cupcakes styled by Lisa Edsalv, and photographed by Therese Aldgard. The cupcakes are inspired by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, […]

Gingerbread AT-AT

The AT-AT I’m going to devour. Via Dorkly

Sweet Mother of God, Here it is: The Perfect Hamburger

The ultimate burger! The perfect burger! The dream we’ve all had. Checkout the video showing Chef Maxime Bilet talk about creating the ultimate burger for Modernist Cuisine. Every ingredient and process was considered scientifically going from a fluffy bun, lab made cheese and cryofrying for the burger. Checkout the video and make sure you have […]

A Foot Like That Would Quickly Find Its Way to the Mouth

I’d eat my shoe, I’d put my foot in my mouth, and I’d definitely eat this wonderful sandwich. Artist Max Berliti made this burger in the shape of the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker. Via Nerdalicious

Everything in This Room is Made of Chocolate

A shopping mall in Kaliningrad, Russia celebrated its fifth anniversary by having a room built out of chocolate. They hired Lithuanian ad agency Ad Hunters, who commissioned artist and sculptor Elena Climent to carve the chocolate room.