Foods Compared to Their Sugar Cube Content [pics]

Nearly everything we eat is bound to have some sugar in it. While the soda industry figured long time ago that they could sell anything if they put enough sugar in it, these images show quite some surprising stories. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but apparently, fruits and vegetables would be quite healthy choices, as opposed to some very well advertised fruit juices.

Ads vs Reality for Fast Food [pics]

Ah, fast food. The delicious, lovely things busy making us all fat. They look so yummy and delicious in advertisements, and we have no qualms eating them. But is the final product even nearly as inviting in appearance as the advertisement?

The answer would be a solid no. Dario D of Alphaila took it upon himself to compare the advertised fast food product with the reality. It seems no final product matches what was advertised. In fact, it would appear that some of the advertised burgers wouldn’t even fit in the box they are delivered in. Interesting

Shanghai has a Theme Park Full of Chocolate Delights

Shanghai has a wonderland, a theme park full of chocolate attractions. The theme park opened its gates in December last year. Visitors at Shanghai’s World Chocolate Wonderland get to see lifelike chocolate exhibits. Which makes us wonder, is it still a terracota army if it is made of chocolate? Also, I could totally devour that Chocolate wall of China.