Mazzetto Wall Mounted Fireplaces

It’s almost winter, and this is the time when we look at fireplaces to be happy and warm. The good thing of course is the variety and options available that make fireplaces accessible for nearly every dwelling. Mazzetto from Redwitz is one such option. It goes quietly up on a wall, having its front facing […]

And Why Shouldn’t Stoves Be Sexy?

Here’s the Toba eco-stove by MCZ, with an exquisite look and a flame in its heart. It has a clean ceramic finish around the combustion chamber, absence of front air outlets, and killer looks to lead its claim to fame.

Workstation with a built-in fireplace

Italian manufacturers Biocamino have come up with a new offering “Speak” that puts the fireplace right in the desk. If you need the entire surface of the table, the fireplace is more than happy to be hidden in the desk. Of course, the desk is not intended to be a workhorse, but would gladly lend […]

Vulcan fireplace could find love with Spock

The Vulcan fireplace has little to do with Spock or the Star Trek franchise, but whenever we hear words like these, the connection seems to come automatically. Anyways, this nifty fireplace is fit for indoor as well as outdoor use, and its unique style and design makes it quite desirable. Costs $1593. Via: ChipChick

Gun heat fireplace tools

Gun-handle fireplace tools created by Jason E Kay. They’re currently just a prototype, but experience tells us gun-inspired accessories have no trouble in finding buyers. Via: Jason E Kay, Design-Milk

Eyeball grabbing fire features by Elena Colombo

Contemporist has published a collection of these amazing fire features are the creation of New York based designer and sculptor Elena Colombo. They look so cool, it is difficult to take your eyes off them. Via: Contemporist

Bio fireplace sets fire alongside books

Books are a great tool for setting minds on fire, and probably unparalleled in the wisdom they have to offer. Bio fireplace from CosiHome seems to take things a bit too literally, putting both books and fire close together. Helios is a wall mounted fireplace that also integrates a bookshelf. To keep things all cosy […]

Fireplace computer casemod

Innards of a fireplace have been replaced with electronics to convert this into a smoldering hot computer casemod. An LCD screen at front keeps the spirit of the fireplace alive, while a computer ticks on at the inside. Via: Mike Deal on Flickr, technabob

A futuristic slash stylish fireplace

Few things can match the grandeur of a well designed fireplace. Hot in the line of fireplaces with looks is this futuristic fireplace, Solaris by Heat & Glo. With all its shine and glow, it might as well look like some prop from a sci fi movie. The Solaris is available in two models, one […]

Adjustable, hanging fireplace from Cocoon Fires

Summer is no time to be talking about fireplaces, but when something like this hanging fireplace shows up, it definitely is worth a mention. The offering from Cocoon Fires is sleek, aesthetic and curvy, plus it does not require much of a floor space as it can be hung from the ceiling and be adjusted […]

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