If Fashion Labels Were to Make Cupcakes [pics]

Cupcakes are like one of the best things out there, and in the world that loves brands, we really won’t be surprised to find brand labels vouching to get some space there. This series of cupcakes styled by Lisa Edsalv, and photographed by Therese Aldgard. The cupcakes are inspired by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, […]

Flirt, And Thy Dress Shall Turn Transparent

Us men aren’t quite known for picking up subtle hints and cues, but something like this electronic cocktail dress could probably make life a lot more easier. The dress itself is racy enough with a plunging neckline and few parts inside the fabric, but that apparently doesn’t work as desired. Hell, that hasn’t worked for […]

Couture Art

It is not quite rare to see models in ludicrous dresses that are far away from any actual use. The point here is that those dresses aren’t made for conventional use either, they are projections of the creativity and talent of the designer. Couture Art by Iris van Herpen takes us to the same platform […]

A Century of London Fashion in 100 seconds [video]

A viral for Westfield Stratford City, London, UK. The film is a 100 year countdown to the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City on September 13th 2011, and celebrates a century of East London fashion, dance and music. The film was shot over 4 days in east London locations with hundreds of costume changes. Via […]

Steadybop Hipster Fashion

Designer Lital Efraim has come up with a set that apparently should work very well for fashion and hipsters. Called Steadybop, the fashion collection from the Israeli designer includes eyeglasses that can be worn as a bowtie, a pocket brooch that manages to look like a folded handkerchief, headphones that look like upturned shirt collars […]

Sculpted Shoes by Victoria Spruce

The work of Victoria Spruce, this unusual footwear has traditional leather soles and matte leather linings encapsulated in a shiny plastic shell. The sculptural shoes have unusual shapes inspired by rganic, flowing sculptures, creating a feel of uninterrupted flow in the design of these shoes. The shoes were displayed at the graduate show of Royal […]

The fashionable and the foody

Photographer Linus Morales has recreated logos of some of the world’s best known fashion brands, using food. Chanel sausages, Louis Vuitton toast, it’s an obvious case of fashion brands taking the world of food.

A cocktail dress that dispenses cocktails

Daredroid dress, or the cocktail dress is one that will reward you with cocktails, if you play with it right. Of course it needs various valves, sensors and hardware to ultimately get that drink to you, which is dispensed by a tap near the wearers chest. As the dress is approached, it produces milk. But […]

iCufflinks shine through your i-Gadget love

Take your love for i-Gadgets to fashion with the iCufflinks. These battery powered cufflinks pulse at the same speed as Macbook’s “sleep” light. You can get one from Adafruit for $128, or if you want to go the DIY route, they have made the circuitry open source. Via CrunchGear

Be a breath of fresh air with the Catalytic Converter dress

You get to speak a lot on clean air if you happen to wear clothing that cleans the air wherever you go. Catalytic clothing is a collaboration between designer Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan, creating a dress that filters pollutants from the air. And when you have Erin O’Connor wearing it, the air seems […]