Nanotech Menswear Takes No Stains

Gentlemen, our prayers have been answered. The brand new Ultimate Tech Collection clothing line from Indochino flaunts nanotech goodness that repels spills, stains, odors and wrinkles while staying their best for a long long time. A protective nanotech coating on these wool suits keeps them up and running as ready to wear all the time, and apparently also good enough for some rough use without worrying too much about the dirty clothing consequences. Such comfort of course, does not come cheap for the range begins at a woozy $630.

Via cnet

Mechanical Spider Dress is Amazing, Creepy

When you have six mechanical arms on your dress flailing about like those of a spider, you know you will be taken seriously, or at least be the center of attraction. Which, reminds me that this is going to be an excellent ice breaker, right before it freaks people out. To be pedantic, the dress has six mechanical arms, so it isn’t exactly a spider, but those six legs do look awfully spidery and we’re not going to argue with a person that’s wearing a robotic spider. Creepy Couture, as it is called, is the work of Anouk Wipprecht and engineer Daniel Schatzmayr.

Sanity is Over-rated Anyway: Reverse Heels

High heels are high fashion, but things tend to quickly tumble if they aren’t made exactly the way they were supposed to be. Revers Heels by Leanie van der Vyver look trippy, we might call them good if the woman wearing them didn’t appear to be so uncomfortable. But then don’t rely on our judgement, we’re pretty bad at handing out verdicts when it comes to fashion. Who knows, this might be the next big thing… well, maybe not.

Prada Makes Pumps in Classic Cars Style

The ’50s were a great time for car design, a time where car designers and manufacturers valued the car’s appearance above all else. Designer Miuccia Prada has now put the same beauty to use in a series of women’s patent leather pumps styled like the classic cars. Bright colors on the footwear go perfectly well with the tiny tail lights and hot rod flames.