Disney Princesses Dressed & Illustrated as Fashion Models

Russian design student Sasha has illustrated Disney Princesses as fashion sketches that look ripe for the runway. Of course, turning the characters into conventional fashion illustrations changes the look, but the artist has made an excellent effort in keeping close to the original.

Wonderful Origami Dresses by Jule Waibel

German designer Jule Waibel has created a set of 25 dresses, all for Bershka flagship stores in different cities. Jule creates her dresses in the style of origami, starting with a large sheet of paper and hand-pleating it into forms and shapes that fit the body, and create a nice pattern for the dress. Each […]

Wearable, 3D Printed Translucent Jewelry With Plants

Once you get good with 3D printing, you could make anything. Like making tiny planters with plants in them, and then using said planters in jewelry and accessories. It seriously looks great. The planters are watertight so you don’t get droplets from the plant you’re wearing. Several of the planters are also translucent and the […]

11 Manly Ways to Tie a Scarf

Few men are seen wearing a scarf these days, and it’s a pity because scarves are pretty handy companions for winter. This infographic lists some “manly” ways to tie a scarf that should help you not just beat the cold, but also any inhibitions you might have. Hit ahead for the full image.

If Models Looked the Same as Fashion Sketches

It is no secret that the fashion industry often holds its models to ridiculously thin, near anorexic standards. As a jab on the idea, Brazilian modelling agency Star Models came up with a series called You are not a sketch. The campaign seeks to address the problem of anorexia in the modelling industry.

Invasive Toad Skins ‘Recycled’ Into Fashion Accessories

Paris-based Polish designer Monika Jarosz has come up with a line of luxury fashion accessories derived from the skin of poisonous cane toads, an invasive species now overrunning the South Sea Islands of Australia. Apparently, the poisonous toad species has destroyed several local species and animal defence associations have recommended its selective elimination. Jarosz managed […]

Fairy Tale Footwear Will Make Wearers Spontaneously Burst Into Song and Dance

Having seen a good share of few fairy tale movies, we are pretty convinced that wearing these shoes will make people spontaneously start dancing and singing. Also, animals might come around to watch and be your BFFs and help you dance your way to a happily ever after. Preferably after getting rid of an evil […]

Stylish Wooden Bags

Rigidly shaped into elegance, the wooden bags by Tesler + Mendelovitch take a very interesting and contemporary design. Working into geometric shapes and a polished look, the bags sport a modern look with a touch of polished wood adding to the appearance. The clutches are available on Etsy.

Morbid ‘Fashion’ Line Has Couture For the Dead

People are usually dressed in their best for their burial. In the views of designer Pia Interlandi, having people wrapped in garments for their final resting place is not the best idea out there. The designer is of the view that the clothes people wear in life are not designed for death. The dead don’t […]

Carry Your Fish Along With This Portable Fishbowl Handbag. Actually, Don’t

On the surface of it, the portable fishbowl handbag idea is quite exceptional. We love our fish, why not carry them along? Designer Cassandra Verity Green crafted a handbag that makes the fishbowl portable, and make it easy for you to carry the fish along. That’s a pretty sight. Well, but then those of us […]

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