Wonderful Origami Dresses by Jule Waibel

German designer Jule Waibel has created a set of 25 dresses, all for Bershka flagship stores in different cities. Jule creates her dresses in the style of origami, starting with a large sheet of paper and hand-pleating it into forms and shapes that fit the body, and create a nice pattern for the dress. Each turn can take as long as 10 hours; with attention like this, no wonder the dresses look amazing.

Wearable, 3D Printed Translucent Jewelry With Plants

Once you get good with 3D printing, you could make anything. Like making tiny planters with plants in them, and then using said planters in jewelry and accessories. It seriously looks great. The planters are watertight so you don’t get droplets from the plant you’re wearing. Several of the planters are also translucent and the barely visible roots give them quite a pattern. Intended for use with succulents, small flowers, and sprouts, they are available at Etsy shop A Wearable Planter.

Invasive Toad Skins ‘Recycled’ Into Fashion Accessories

kobja cane toad skin accessories

Paris-based Polish designer Monika Jarosz has come up with a line of luxury fashion accessories derived from the skin of poisonous cane toads, an invasive species now overrunning the South Sea Islands of Australia. Apparently, the poisonous toad species has destroyed several local species and animal defence associations have recommended its selective elimination. Jarosz managed to find herself a supplier in Australia who would ship frog skins to Paris, where they meticulously undergo a 14 step process to turn into these fashion accessories that can command a good price.

Fairy Tale Footwear Will Make Wearers Spontaneously Burst Into Song and Dance

Having seen a good share of few fairy tale movies, we are pretty convinced that wearing these shoes will make people spontaneously start dancing and singing. Also, animals might come around to watch and be your BFFs and help you dance your way to a happily ever after. Preferably after getting rid of an evil witch or two. The collection is the work of designer Charlotte Olympia and is titled Once Upon a Time.

Morbid ‘Fashion’ Line Has Couture For the Dead

People are usually dressed in their best for their burial. In the views of designer Pia Interlandi, having people wrapped in garments for their final resting place is not the best idea out there. The designer is of the view that the clothes people wear in life are not designed for death. The dead don’t need tailored suits, zippers and shoes, these things act as “wrappers” to disturb the decomposition of the body as it gradually mixes into the earth.