Your Friendly Neighborhood Embroidered Superheroes

Artist duo Weelittlestitches created this set of cross-stitch embroidered superheroes who are all set to take on the forces of er… non-embroidered evil, or something like that. We don’t think these superheroes are going too far, unless they’re going to a Nickelback concert. That said, we do like the touch of geekiness to embroidery and their selection is pretty impressive as well, so it is all a win-win situation then.

Embroidered Car Doors

Lithuanian textile artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene takes embroidery to where it is rarely expected, and where it is rarely seen (if ever). The artist takes most unexpected of objects like car doors and turns them into canvasses for his exceptional work with thread and embroidery, creating these impressive embroidered patterns. The artist also works with other unlikely objects as bowls, irons and lamps.

Via Colossal