Justin Beiber and Dr. Dre team up, launch headphones

Apparently, Justin Beiber has no love for the “cheap headphones” kids use these days, so he partnered up with Dr. Dre to offer a solution. Justbeats edition headphones and earbuds come in Justin’s favorite purple color, and cost $179 for the Beats Solo Justbeats Edition, and $99 for the iBeats Justbeats Edition. The headphones are exclusive to BestBuy.

Via: GeekSugar

Zip-up earbuds

One thing that has always been a problem with airbuds is that those damned wires love to get entangled. No matter what you do about it, they’ll always find a way to get in a mess. Apparently that won’t be that much of a problem if you could just zip up the wires together. The best part? It looks good doing this stuff. Costs $40.

Via: cnet