3D Drawings on Paper to Blow Your Mind

Three dimensional drawings on paper is an idea so very difficult to employ, which is what makes it that much more awesome. In the work of JJK Airbrush, objects aren’t content staying on paper, the illustrations want to break free of those bonds and fly into the world. Some of these illustrations look to interact with the real world, some stay on paper in their glory, but never miss the chance of impressing their dimensions.

Photorealistic Graphite Drawings By Franco Clun

Talented Italian artist and illustrator Franco Clun makes these wonderful hyper realistic sketches that we are very willing to call black and white photographs. Clun says his secret is passion. Come to think of it, passion is the secret that paves the road to success. Hit ahead for more of Clun’s work, plus his self-portrait at the end.

Amazingly detailed and enchanting art made using pencils

The amazing masterpiece you see here, didn’t just take talent to create, but also perseverance and patience. Artist Joe Fenton spent nearly 10 hours everyday, working his 0.5 mechanical pencil for a full 10 months. After all that work, he completed his work Solitude that stands 5 ft high and 8 ft across, and totally awesome. Solitude includes different religious references in its framework, and stands out as a masterpiece in the impressive line of works from the artist.