Ornate Docks Befitting the King of iPads and iPod Nanos

iPads aren’t quite above showing off their social status, especially when they’re ruling the world of tablets, and have a nearly cult following. Bavarian artist/photographer Georg Dinkel created these regal looking speaker docks for the iPad and iPod Nano. Dinkel calls his creations TonSchrein, which is German for “sound shrine.”

Bluelounge MiniDock Does Away With Wires, Loves Your iOS Device

Bluelounge’s MiniDock for iOS devices works with the Apple USB power adapter, turning up a cordless, outlet-mounted charging and display station. It is obviously a way better choice than having to deal with a lump of wires, plus it keeps it all clutter free. This could be quite a sweet dock if you’ve got the […]

Retro styled iPad TV dock

A fair amount of our use of the ipad amounts to watching videos, and we won’t really mind keeping it an old-timey styled TV dock. Handmade out of natural wood, the dock can comfortably hold the iPad and iPad 2. Costs $60. Via: GadgetVenue

WALdok is a sweet companion for the iPhone

All the WALdok ever wants to do, is to stay with the iPhone. The simple attachment functions as a dock for the iPhone, charging the device while taking up minimal space, and if you decide to play music, the WALdok will put its own battery to use playing music from your device. Additionally, its bass […]

Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine is a chimp dock for your iPod

Fashion designer Paul Frank is trying hands at gadget design with this chimp dock with cute looks. Created in combination with SpeakerCraft, the dock features the brand’s monkey mascot Julius holding on to an iPod. The docking station has an interchangeable dock, stereo loudspeakers, and a battery life of 6 hours. Costs $100. Via: SlashGear

Jackpot Slots dock turns the iPhone into a slot-machine

Jackpot Slots is more than just a dock for the iPhone/iPod Touch, this dock takes the gadget into an entirely another existence, making it a slot machine. Now that may be a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about the entire gambling with a dock thing. The dock itself costs $40, […]

iDeck car cassette adapter docks iPods with older car stereos

iPod integration is rather standard these days for car stereos, but the older ones of course have no means to get together with the music player. That part has mostly been done through FM, and a wired solution to the issue is now available in the form of the iDeck.