Ladies of Marvel and DC Get Disney Princess Avatars

Jasmine + Donna Troy

Imagining a costume party in comic book universe, the question is, what would the ladies dress up as? Going as a Disney princess is arguably a safe bet, and the comic book ladies probably wouldn’t mind the setup. Illustrations by Aegistkitty on Tumblr put the ladies of DC and Marvel into a sweet mashup with Disney Princesses for a series titled Super Disney. It’s a series in progress, so we might yet get to see more.

The Ladies of Disney Shed Their Innocent Look, Again

Artist J. Scott Campbell has earlier regaled us with illustrations of Disney Princesses going the “sexy” way. A new set of illustrations are now out, and the ladies seem to show a preference for being scantily clad flimsy clothes, if clothed at all. Most of these illustrations have been made for the 2012 Fairy Tale Fantasies calendar.

Disney Princesses Take a Shot at Being Magazine Cover Models

Disney Princesses have become quite a recurring theme, and we’ve been seeing a fair bit of them recently. The latest set comes from artist Petite Tiaras, who has re-imagined Disney Princesses as magazine cover models. The princesses haven’t really gone that glamorous as they were for the covers of Vogue, but here they do kind of maintain more of their original style and looks. Oh, and Jasmine totally rules this one, with Belle a close second.