Hobo Nickels Carved From Clad Coins

Barcelona based artist Paolo Curcio carves coins into various shapes, that are of course quite a far cry from what they originally looked like. The artist uses a variety of coins that get transformed with a variety of etched designs and portraits, covering quite the range from geeky to skull designs that are the staple […]

The World Map in Currency

If there’s one language that the world understands quickly, it is money. Reddit user The310Investigator made this world map where countries are represented by the currencies they use. There’s a full resolution poster version that you can checkout on Zazzle.

Occupy George!

The ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests their relevance, their quick global spread and the widespread support the protests have received has been very noticeable. Occupy George is a project that shows the disparity of income and wealth between the 99% and the 1%, and presents it on a very interesting medium, the dollar bill.

Skull Nickels

This is Colossal has a very interesting post about Hobo Nickels. The nickels are a series of carved/sculpted coins greatly popular in the early 20th century with the introduction of the Buffalo nickel. That was a coin minted using soft metal which made it especially suited for carvings. Add to that the fact that numerous […]

New Zealand Issues Star Wars Inspired Legal Tender Coins

The New Zealand mint is set to issue a series of legal tender Star Wars silver coins. To be released in November, the coins will be released by pacific island country of Niue, and will have a face value of two New Zealand dollars. These coins are collectibles though, and will retail for about USD […]

Netherlands getting coins with QR codes

QR codes have made their way to currency as well. As commemoration of the Royal Dutch Mint’s 100th anniversary, the Netherlands will produce silver and gold coins with QR codes. To be available starting June 22, the silver coins will have a denomination of 5€, while the golden ones will be for 10€ . The […]

The money art of Scott Campbell

Anything that involves money, immediately has our attention. And artist Scott Campbell apparently has enough greenbacks to carve. As we’ve seen earlier, the artist loves to work with currency. The pieces here are his latest show Noblesse Oblige. Highlight of the show is the 3-dimensional skull made from cut and un-cut currency notes marked to […]

Japanese city of Naruto releases custom currency in honor of the Naruto manga

The Japanese city of Naruto, Tokushima prefecture has planned a custom currency in honor of the popular manga Naruto. In honor of the manga selling 100 million copies, the city will issue gift certificates worth 100 million yen for its namesake. Available in 10,000yen and 1000 yen denominations, the certificates will be accepted by 250 […]