Where Does the Teabag Go? This Cup Has The Answer

One of the greatest questions to trouble mankind is the question of whatever to do with the freakin teabag after the steeping is done. Tea cup SlingsHOT concept by designer Samir Sufi is only too glad to answer the question. Dip the bag, when it is done just pull it through the groove and the work is all done. Rest easy world, for the troubles have been reduced.

Latest achievement of the human race: Coffee Cups that defy gravity [Nope]

As a race, we humans have always wanted to defy gravity, and a lot of good has come off our attempts. Case in point, airplanes, rockets, and hopefully soon spaceships capable of intergalactic travel. Oh, and then there are these gravity-defying coffee cups that stand stable at an unseemly angle. Sadly, they also happen to have a little appendage at the bottom, which connects to the saucer and helps the cups stay upright at those angles. Not so gravity defying now, are they?

Via: Geeky-Gadgets