Tea Cup For Two

Packed in the size of one cup, these two tea cups are the poor man’s version of the yin and yang of tea. We believe they stand solidly on the purpose of looking cute, with the undertones of a romantic set and little practical use beyond the cute, lovey style. Costs $16.

Where Does the Teabag Go? This Cup Has The Answer

One of the greatest questions to trouble mankind is the question of whatever to do with the freakin teabag after the steeping is done. Tea cup SlingsHOT concept by designer Samir Sufi is only too glad to answer the question. Dip the bag, when it is done just pull it through the groove and the […]

Creative Coffee Cups Want You to Espress Yourself

A collective of designers from NYC made this line of creative coffee cups for this year’s Wanted Design. From the group of five designers each made a creative turn to the loved morning cup that we can no doubt use to justify pushing our addiction a notch. The cups are available for sale in a […]

Gameboy Inspired Coffee Mug

Made as part of a college assignment by designer Tiago Gonçalves, the Gameboy mug basks in the glory of a simple, attractive look. They aren’t particularly flashy, but the “New Game” on the cup side and game over at the bottom somehow make it all appear way better that it otherwise would.

CtrlAltDelete cup set

Windows users are well aware of the magic of the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys. Their conventional use aside, they do look pretty hot as a cup set as well. Costs $12. Via LikeCool

This cup concept will make you feel cruel

Excellent and creative as the cup is, you don’t really want to puncture someone’s eyes every time you feel like having a drink. Via Inspire

Coffee cup stain shows a tiny landscape

What looks like a stain on this coffee cup, is actually a clever way to show a tiny landscape design. According to the seller, the image is a representation of the memory of the product as it ages with use. Costs $60. Via: DesignFetish

Latest achievement of the human race: Coffee Cups that defy gravity [Nope]

As a race, we humans have always wanted to defy gravity, and a lot of good has come off our attempts. Case in point, airplanes, rockets, and hopefully soon spaceships capable of intergalactic travel. Oh, and then there are these gravity-defying coffee cups that stand stable at an unseemly angle. Sadly, they also happen to […]