Brains In A Jar Cupcakes

There’s no fun in Halloween and dressing up as a zombie if you don’t get to eat any brains. Actually, you don’t even need to dress up as a zombie to eat brains. We recommend going the way of brain cupcakes, we hear they are deliciously gory. Via LivingLocurto, everlasting blort, Neatorama

Cupcake Beanie

It’s that time of the year where cookies and cupcakes are all the rage, and we let our cravings for those delicacies rule our mind and our head. For those willing to go the extra mile, you could shout your preference with a beanie, a cupcake beanie that is. We hear it puts sweet thoughts […]

Periodic table of cupcakes [pic]

That’s the tastiest looking periodic table I’ve ever seen. Via: Foodie Friday, GAS

Hot chocolate cupcakes

What could be more delicious to the tastebuds and the eyes, than cupcakes made to look like hot chocolate? Via: Ladybird, Neatorama

Sweet Valentine’s ‘zombie’ Heart

Oh hai! It is Valentine’s day, and whoever said zombies don’t get to celebrate? These anatomical heart cupcakes were created for the London Dungeon, because braiiins aren’t the best Valentine gift, it’s a heart. Via: Cakehead Loves Evil, LikeCool

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