Iron Man cufflinks


There is no better way of showing your dorky side than dressing up formally, and topping it all up with Iron Man cufflinks. Since we are optimists, we look at the brighter side; the cufflinks are made from small action figures, so the hands and legs actually move. This transforms into a life saver when you realize you have been trapped in a two hour long presentation with no escape available. Cost $30

Via: SlipperyBrick

Yves St Laurent Bullet Cufflinks – Deadly Fashion!

The Yves St Laurent Bullet Cufflinks as the name suggests, are made to resemble bullets, in a discrete way that does not scream for attention. Well, we don’t really know what kind of attention you’ll get when people notice you have bullets on your cuffs, but wearing cowboy boots with them will definitely make things a bit clear. They are made of brass and have a silver tone tarnish finish.