Skull Nickels

This is Colossal has a very interesting post about Hobo Nickels. The nickels are a series of carved/sculpted coins greatly popular in the early 20th century with the introduction of the Buffalo nickel. That was a coin minted using soft metal which made it especially suited for carvings. Add to that the fact that numerous artists were unemployed during the great depression, a number of these coins were used for sculpting, thus earning them the name “Hobo.” Nickel carving still remains a popular hobby and even has a society to go along.

Netherlands getting coins with QR codes

QR codes have made their way to currency as well. As commemoration of the Royal Dutch Mint’s 100th anniversary, the Netherlands will produce silver and gold coins with QR codes. To be available starting June 22, the silver coins will have a denomination of 5€, while the golden ones will be for 10€ . The QR codes will point to this website, which apparently will have a “surprise” for those who reach there.

Via Dvice