Freaky Cloth Faces Will Make You Fear the Closet

Playing into the faces of couture, New York based Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi showed off a collection of weird faces and appearances, all crafted entirely out of designer clothes. Seeing the scary faces clothes can make, I am positively scared of going anywhere a cupboard or closet. We have no idea what these scary, conniving monsters are up to.

Wedding dress made from toilet paper

Looking surprisingly passable as “decent” wedding dresses, these are all made of toilet paper. The dresses were made for Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest by Cheap Chic Weddings. The image on top was the submission from Susan Brennan, which won the top prize of $1000. She made the dress using 4 rolls of Toilet Paper, hot glue, and packing tape. The second and third images show the runners-up for the competition. Also, God help those brides if someone decides to pop a bottle of champagne too close to them.

Designer clothes made from roadkill

Designer clothes are often targeted for leading animals to their death. That fate is unlikely for the clothes from designer Jess Eaton. Roadkill Couture from Jess is made from the remains of animals that died of natural causes, being hit by cars, or having been killed for food. Some of them aren’t exactly easy on the eyes, but the “recycled” clothing probably does have its moments.

The fashion of dresses and accessories covered in nipples

For all the love breasts get, would there be something that could be considered excessive? Could we ever tire of nipples? “Profound” as these questions may be, the answer would probably come easy after you take a good look at Nicola Costantino‘s collection titled Human Furriery. On display at a museum in Zurich, the collection includes clothes, shoes and accessories, all made from faux human skin, and patterned with human-like nipples. In a way, we do stop finding nipples awesome (or sexual) when they are on shoes and on soccer balls.

Clothes hanger looks like famous Magritte Painting

Clothes hangers never have a statement to make for themselves, unless it is in the form of the clothes they’re hanging. Which, we guess would make the hangers feel left out and under-appreciated despite all the hard work they put in. Ergo, right now every hanger in the world would be saluting designer Igor Udushlivy for giving hangers some style. The designer has created the hangers in the shape of the famous painting, The Son of Man by Rene Magritte, otherwise known to us as the painting that has an apple stuffed on to a guy’s face.

Via: LaughingSquid