When our robotic overlords arrive, they’ll probably be hooked to cigarettes

When the machines finally rise, all of them will probably be hooked on to cigarettes. And we can say this because they’ve already started smoking. Norweigan artist Kristoffer Myskja machine smokes cigarettes, a lot of them. Cigarettes are fed to the brass machine through a ramp, where the cigarettes are lighted, and an electrically driven valve slowly smokes the cigarette. When just the filter is left, the machine ejects the cigarette and promptly gets ready for another one.

Via: designboom, GizmoWatch

Freaky Spy Gadgets: Voice activated DVR cigarette case

Wannabe spies, the latest freaky spy gadgets we’ve laid our eyes upon is this Voice Activated SPY DVR Cigarette Case. Conveniently sit at a top-secret meeting, and casually flip out the pack of cigarettes. Those newbies would never know what hit them, and you don’t have to flip switches to activate the camera, it can be voice activated. The included 4GB microSD card ensures plenty of recording space. Costs $46.

Via: 7Gadgets

Inefficient cigarette packaging concept to annoy smokers

Health watchdogs, corporations and governments around the world try to discourage people from smoking by creating graphic/disturbing advertisements, putting up warnings on cigarette packs, and sometimes, even disturbing pictures on the packs. Smokers on the other hand, promptly ignore all such things and continue as if such things didn’t exist. Designer Erik Askin‘s approach however, is much more subtle.

Bugatti Veyron made from cigarette packs’ smokin’

The Bugatti you see here was built by Students at China’s Xi’an University. They used 10,000 discarded cigarette packs from their classmates to create this car. Quite unexpectedly, the car can drive. Well, that must be attributed to the fact that the Bugatti Veyron skin actually sits atop a low-speed electric car. The car was built for awareness on World No Smoking Day, but considering they collected all those packs from classmates, we’re inclined to think otherwise. Blurry image gallery after the jump.

Via: Jalopnik

Greenbutts: Cigarette filters that flower

The word Greenbutts doesn’t really bring a pleasant image to mind, and it has little to do with the environment. Greenbutts concept actually happens to be bio-degradable cigarette filters made of organic cotton and natural de-gummed hemp, both held together by a wheat flour and water mixture. Greenbutts don’t contain any chemicals or additives, so they are good for the smokers as well. As an added bonus, these filters have seeds that sprout out into grass or flowers; seeing both of which is infinitely better than seeing mounds of cigarette filters that usually take more than a decade to decompose.