In Japanese Game Show, Celebrities Eat Random Objects That Might Be Chocolate

Chomp on an object that you see everyday around you, and it just might be a chocolate, or it might be what it looks like. Japanese sokkuri (‘look alike’) sweets are desserts that look like everyday objects. Recently on a game show, celebrities and participants were asked to bite everyday objects; some of which were […]

Collection of Body Parts and Organs as Chocolates

Not as gross and realistic in appearance as the rotting chocolate body parts we saw earlier, this collection by Visual Anatomy will let you savor human body parts and organs in relative peace. Of course, eating the likeliness of human body parts might still creep people out, but then consider how you love eating gummy […]

These Rotting Human Body Parts are Made of Chocolate, Filled With Rum

It was too late for the zombies to realize they had the short end of the bargain. What was supposed to be an apocalypse, ended up being a treat of liqueur chocolates. These lines should make a start for a very lame zombie book I should totally not write someday.

Calories Bomb

According to estimates, the average European household consumes about 1 kilogram of chocolate on Easter. The chocolate bomb is artist Raphael Volkmer‘s comment on the excessive consumption of this age. The calorie bomb is a self-questioning product and a bomb of 500 kilo calories. The bomb is 75% cocoa swiss premium chocolate and filled with […]

Chocolate Packaging Especially Suited for Valentine’s Day

A student group in Acukland, New Zealand was given the task of creating a new packaging for Whittakers’ chocolate bars. They chose to follow the idea of a superhero, but not just any superhero, but the “Everyday Hero.” Yep, they made the average joe was made a superhero, and that clearly shows on the packaging […]

Chocolate Solar System

I’m pretty sure I’d play Galactus while devouring these chocolates made in the likeness of planets in our solar system. The package contains eight chocolates representing planets in our solar system. Sadly, it appears the chocolates are for sale only in Japan, and the vendor has no intentions to ship them elsewhere.

Typography Chocolates are Pure Brilliance

Checkout these lovely typographic chocolates by Dynamo. Getting a chocolate to say words for you is a brilliant idea, and it makes everything appear way better.

Chocolate Bed Toppings Reach Really Sweet Dreams

We can all be unanimous in the thought that chocolates are awesome. Sleeping on a chocolate bed is super cool and just one step short of living in a gingerbread house, and being in a house way better than what Hansel and Grethel saw. That part seems to be a bit far off, so we’ll […]

3D printer loves to play with chocolate

Scientists and researchers at the University of Exeter have been doing what researchers really should do; coming up with new, delicious ways of making chocolate. The new chocolate 3D printer can come up with delicious novelties, creating gorgeous designs, patterns and perhaps even chocolates for consumers. With the growth in 3D printing technology, we could […]

Edible chocolate record should play the most tempting tunes ever

Chocolate has a way of making things better, and its inventive use is just the icing on the cake. Chocolatier Ben Milne worked with Scottish band FOUND to make a record that would play on chocolate. The delicious-sounding idea was a pain to execute, but Ben finally managed to get it right using the template […]

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