Nixie Tube Chess

Nixie Tubes should be something of a universal symbol of cool, because they have the unlikely habit of making everything look way better than it actually is. The chess set has ’80s era nixie tubes with scientific symbols on top of them, which become very well usable for marking pieces as well.

A Chess Set Made Out of DSLR Lenses

A chess set made out DSLR lenses is what you’d expect to get a lot of love from photography buffs, gadget lovers and those who have a shitton of money to spend and a desire to feed vanity. The chess set features lenses from the two biggest rivals in the camera sphere. It’s Canon facing Nikon on the board, white taken by Canon lenses and black represented by Nikon. Camera lenses aren’t cheap, so we don’t expect the chess set to be anywhere near cheap. But this thing is super expensive, and costs $9221 to rent for a week, and probably the reason why LensRentals is only offering it for rent.

Via SlashGear

Lego chess set is detailed and expensive

Owning a Lego chess set sounds like fun, being able to afford one would make you feel a lot better. Derek Seiple is selling this impressive chess set. It is made all out of classic Lego bricks and plates, makes use of about 4000 pieces and can take up to three weeks to complete. The board has sides of 22.75 inches, each square measures 2.25 inches, and the king is 4.5 inches tall. You get the option of choosing custom colors rather than going with black and white. That is one of the perks of paying $1295 for the chess set.

Via: Bits and Pieces, Wired