Batman Chess Set

Characters from the Batman universe come together in the battlefield of chess in this set. Batman’s got Robin, Batgirl and Gordon on his side, while the opposition has his nemesis in Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin. As you’d guess, all those characters don’t come cheap. The chess set costs a sweet $795 to own. Via […]

Street Fighter Chess Set

Street Fighter is turning 25 in a couple of months, and that happens to be making us feel really, really old. But look, here’s the good part, they’re coming up with a Street Fighter themed chess set to commemorate the occasion. One of the many memorabilia that will roll out, we’re sure.

Nixie Tube Chess

Nixie Tubes should be something of a universal symbol of cool, because they have the unlikely habit of making everything look way better than it actually is. The chess set has ’80s era nixie tubes with scientific symbols on top of them, which become very well usable for marking pieces as well.

Battle of Wits on the Vertical Chess Set

A game of chess tends to take a long time. For some people, it is days or even months. This wall mounted chess set will presumably allow games to go on for an indefinite time. Since the game stays out of the way, it is quite unlikely to be knocked over, and sits prepared to […]

A Chess Set Made Out of DSLR Lenses

A chess set made out DSLR lenses is what you’d expect to get a lot of love from photography buffs, gadget lovers and those who have a shitton of money to spend and a desire to feed vanity. The chess set features lenses from the two biggest rivals in the camera sphere. It’s Canon facing […]

Legend of Zelda chess set

Ben Howard spent three months creating this amazing, one of a kind Legend of Zelda chess set. Each piece on the set is unique, made without any replication or the use of molds. Via Reddit

Doctor Who chess set

Play chess with the Doctor and time in the format of one of the best strategy games ever. Traditional pieces of the board have been replaced by characters of series five, featuring cast members and the Tardis. Priced at £30 ($50) Via: Geeky-Gadgets, SlipperyBrick

Lego chess set is detailed and expensive

Owning a Lego chess set sounds like fun, being able to afford one would make you feel a lot better. Derek Seiple is selling this impressive chess set. It is made all out of classic Lego bricks and plates, makes use of about 4000 pieces and can take up to three weeks to complete. The […]

Blade Runner chess set

The Blade Runner chess set was made by a fan of the movie, Rick Ross. He created the set as a replica of the one owned by J.F Sebastian in the film. It took two years and an amazing amount of detail to get the chess set done right. Via: Flickr, BoingBoing

Words cannot describe the weirdness of the Vibrator Chess Set

So, there exists something like a Vibrator Chess Set. Each piece can double up as a vibrator, round-tipped pawns, anal beads shaped knights, this set has it all. Also, the pieces have gold-plated detailing. Why 32 pieces are needed is anyone’s guess. Perhaps players can pleasure themselves while the other player thinks of a move, […]

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