The Grand Zippo Gasolier Candelabra

Zippo Gasolier is worth all the love for looking this grand. Designed by Luka Pirnat, the gasolier matches up the classic Zippo lighters to the candelabra. A set of seven Zippo lighters sit on the menorah, hailing a remembrance to both, the gasolier and the zippo lighters. Come to think of it, Zippos are especially […]

Magnets Keep Lights In Place For Chandelier

Float Chandelier by New York based design studio Bower, makes use of magnets to keep lights tied up into place. A central magnet keeps the magnetic LED lights at the top and bottom of the chandelier in place, holding its shape together with magnetic tension. The design and looks are pretty interesting, but we imagine […]

Chandeliers Made With Real Dandelions

Amsterdam based Studio Drift has created a collection of chandeliers that would be simply defined as very fragile, and so very cool. The collection is titled Fragile Future and features chandeliers made from bronze structures, LED lights and real dandelions.

Chandelier Made From 5000 Gummy Bears

Now that’s a shiny treat we’d be happy to take a bite of. We’d rather eat gummy bears rather than hang them, but we wouldn’t quite mind them on a chandelier either. Artist Kevin Champeny created this Gummy Bear chandelier that goes 31-inches in diameter and includes 5000 gummy bears diffusing the sweet, colorful light […]

Octopus Chandelier

In the wondrous world of design, tentacle-goodness can abound if you have a taste for it. Artist and sculptor Adam Wallacavage created this set of handmade Octopus Chandeliers that come in various shapes, sizes and colors akin to the masters of disguise that form their inspiration.

Old Bicycle Chains Repurposed into Chandeliers

Artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga repurposes old bicycle chains into classy chandeliers with surprisingly good looks. The chandeliers are currently on sale at Etsy, with a not-so-encouraging price. But art doesn’t quite come cheap.

Street Chandelier

Street Chandelier by Austrian artist Werner Reiterer. Via Juxtapos

Chandelier Mimics City Lights [video]

A large chandelier designed by Frederik Molenschot, the City Lights series intends to mimic the feeling of wandering around city roads at the night. Actually, checkout the video, the chandelier does its job pretty damn well. Via DesignMiami, MoCoLoco

Skull chandelier is not weird at all

A huge, shining skull is not scary at all. Made by designer Kelly Lamb, this skull has a number of tiny bulbs hanging from the ceiling, all getting together to create the image of a skull. Well, the Addam’s family would always like something like this. Via Neatorama

Weird collar lets you see yourself in 12 dimensions

If you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror from all possible angles, and keep wondering how people look at you, this weird-ass chandelier/collar is god-send for you. Designed by Hwang Kim, the CCTV Chandelier is a dream product for every narcissist out there. Users wear the chandelier around their neck, with cameras on […]

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