Computer Case Made From Old Soviet-era Electronics

With all the meters and switches dotting its face, this computer case could very well be an intriguing contraption. My imagination makes me think of Steampunk similarities, while the case clearly isn’t that, the retro-computer look is quite fascinating. The case is named Felix after a Soviet digital mechanical calculator. The casemod creator sees it as a fantasy project on how personal computers would have looked like if they existed during the ’50s.

Battlefield Case Mod Has a Chain Gun to Demolish Lag

There are quite a few times while playing games that we feel like really hitting something, hard. That might not work out most of the time, and the chain gun on this mod won’t really help, but with a case so good, we probably could become a lot more forgiving. This amazing Battlefield casemod is the work of modder Brian Carter. It has a Battlefield image on the side, a huge crosshair fan, a drinks fridge (awesome), and a switch that sets the chain gun spinning.

ClockWorx PC Case Mod

Mods Rigs member chrisweezel made the ClockWorx PC case mod in something of a “Steampunk” style. The case is open air and welded together with a variety of scrap and recycled materials. We wouldn’t call it exactly Steampunk because it so conspicuously misses the shiny brass and clockwork we have come to expect from modern Steampunkish creations, but it does look something of a V-Twin all set to fire off.

Resident Evil Biohazard PC case mod is brilliant

We’ll put it simply, this PC casemod is a brilliant sculpture. Just look at how detailed the Umbrella Corp. complex is, and you will agree with me. The impressive casemod is the work of modder Ron L. Christainson, who has been working on it for more than a year, and still has a couple of months to go before it is all done. Construction of the case has been done mainly with polystyrene sheeting, with a sprinkling parts from science fiction models. Once complete, the Umbrella Corp case will hold a liquid cooled gaming system for the modder to enjoy.

Via: Case Mod Blog, technabob

Zenputer gaming PC casemod talks of love, peace and gaming

I may be having trouble finding the words of a Zen master on gaming PCs, but this casemod would probably make the masters go all zen. Sitting in the peaceful box of zen, the system specs read MSI P35 plantinum board, with 4 gigs of XMS, Core 2 Duo overclocked to 3.2 Gigahertz, Nvidia N800, Barracuda HDD, and Thermaltake water cooling, temperature readout and power supply.

PC casemod has the looks of an aquarium

The Aquarius PC casemod has the looks of an aquarium, complete with the aquarium “landscape” and a fish. Don’t go by the looks here. That’s not water in there, it is mineral oil, and the “fish” is attached to the powersupply fan that makes it appear active. Each tank hold five gallons of mineral oil, which means this system is all go for gaming, which should be fun considering even the monitor is submerged, along with the motherboard and powersupply. The mod is the work of Stephen Popa, who has also created the impressive Scooterputer, and the Rog-R remote controlled robot casemods.

[Thanks, Stephen]

Scooterputer: The ridable computer casemod

Scooterputer literally is a computer you can drive around on. It is a Thermaltake Element V case with plenty of gaming power sitting on a 24v rechargeable electric scooter that has been stretched 11 inches to maker room for the computer. LED ground effects, working keyed ignition and a whole lot of computing power, this mod is a gaming fun machine. The Scooterputer is the creation of Stephen Popa, who also created the amazing Rog-R remote controlled robot casemod. Checkout the video of the Scooterputer in action after the jump.

[Thanks, Stephen]

Minimalist PC case made from wood

Jeffrey Stephenson’s Level 12 is a minimalist-styled computer system. The wooden case has hidden vent ducting and a separate self-powered USB peripheral system. The computer is located in the bird’s eye maple box and is fully self contained, the USB peripheral system sits in the teak support box and can charge devices without the need for having the computer turned on.

Via: SlipperySkip, BoingBoing

Rog-R remote controlled PC casemod

Rog-R gaming rig started its life as a Level 10 PC, but destiny had something else in store for it. It arrived into the hands of Stephen Popa, who went on a casemod operation, creating a remote controlled gaming rig. The rig has a 5-inch LCD screen and a robotic arm “specially designed” to hold the earphone while the gamer is away. There are a lot of pictures of the build process over at Stephen’s Facebook album.

Via: DeviceNation