Hobo Nickels Carved From Clad Coins

Barcelona based artist Paolo Curcio carves coins into various shapes, that are of course quite a far cry from what they originally looked like. The artist uses a variety of coins that get transformed with a variety of etched designs and portraits, covering quite the range from geeky to skull designs that are the staple […]

Fruits and Vegetables Carved Set the Tone for Halloween

These well detailed, impressive and spooky fruit and vegetable carvings are just what the Halloween spirit needs. All these veggies and fruits have been sculpted to perfection by artist Shawn Feeney.

Popular Characters Carved on Crayons

Popular culture characters and themes look superb carved on crayons.

Intricate Eggshell Carvings Make Stunning Lamps

Vietnamese artist Vnarts manages stunningly intricate carvings on eggshells. Some of these carvings get a LEDs plonked inside them to create these very tiny and absolutely mindblowing lamps. The eggshell carvings and lamps are available for purchase here.

A Solid Wardrobe Collection of Clothes Carved Out of Marble

It’s near impossible to not be impressed by these stone carvings by Alex Seton. The Sydney based artist can make marble do his bidding so well that it takes nearly life-like forms. Images of these carvings could very well pass off as those for real clothes, had their origins of stone not been explicitly stated.

Caverns Carved Into Books

Artist Guy Laramee (previously) carves the intricate, some might even say mysterious, caverns into volumes of books. Whatever mysteries these caverns might hold, we’re just happy there seems to be a light at the end of every tunnel. For his style, and even for a bit of inspiration, Laramee looks back to the literary classic […]

Magnificent Banana Carvings of Keisuke Yamada

We have already seen the amazing banana carvings of artist Keisuke Yamada once, and of course it has been nearly two years since then and the artist has been busy carving more awesome shapes out of bananas. Check out these images, and be amazed.

More Landscapes Carved onto Books

Carrying on with his amazing style and skill of carving landscapes out of books, Guy Laramee has a new set to show. His skill just keeps getting better and better!

Cityscapes Made From Carved Potatoes

Cities made from potatoes. That sounds kind of delicious and stachy. Istanbul based artist Peter Root spent about three weeks carving 176 pounds of the root vegetable to come up with a fairly well detailed city. It gets way more impressive when you realize that he attacked the heap of potatoes armed with only a […]

Food Carvings Give us Cravings

Beautiful food carvings by Manchester, UK based food photographer Ilian make food appear so delicious, we want to eat it all.

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