CHOBICAM1 is a super tiny camcorder

We’re inclined to think that something that has its name sound like “chubby” wouldn’t exactly be tiny. The good people at Japan Trust Technology (JTT) obviously didn’t think of our super logic before naming their super-tiny camera the CHOBICAM1. The tiny camcorder has the looks of a DSLR and dimensions of 2.5×2.5×2.6cm. Weighing in at just 12grams, the camera has a built-in mono speaker, shoots AVI video at 640×480 and shoots pics at a resolution of 1600×1200. There’s room for microSD/SDHC cards, plus connectivity to Windows PCs via USB 2.0. CHOBICAM1 is priced at $120.

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Sitting inside a camera is the best way to learn photography

Sitting inside a camera would perhaps be the best way to learn photography and get a perspective on things. Luxembourg-based Flash007 uses this innovative way to teach people photography, holding workshops inside the custom trailer designed to look like a pinhole camera. They have lovingly named this oversized camera obscura the Roulot’ographe.

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A digital camera set for the Lego world

Having a camera that you can customize like plastic bricks to suit your style obviously has its positive points. Technically, this camera isn’t Lego, it is covered in nanoblocks, which we’re told are Japanese miniature versions of Lego. On its part, the camera is a 14 Megapixel device made by Pentax, with the added goodness of nanoblocks. They even added a polar bear for fair measure. Costs $312.

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Polar bears find ‘spy’ video cameras, play with them

Crew of the BBC documentary Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice had made use of several hidden cameras to track and take pictures of the subjects of the documentary. Inevitably, the polar bears caught wind of these camouflaged cameras, and in their curiosity ended up destroying many of them. Thankfully, other cameras were around to capture the destruction of their brethren, for us to see.

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Chocolate shaped digital camera

If you’re so in love with chocolates that you’d want even your camera to look like one, the Fuvi chocolate camera has you covered. It has a 30cm fixed lens, self-timer, recording resolution of 640×480 pixels, some built-in memory, and most likely, crappy picture quality. But hey, chocolates. The camera will be available this January in Japan, and it will have white, strawberry and milk chocolate flavors, and a pricetag of $32.

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Leica M9 Titanium

The Leica M9 Titanium is an exclusive edition, made in collaboration with Volkswagen Group’s Walter de’Silva. All visible metal parts on the camera have hard-coated solid titanium and the Nappa leather trim is obviously from the automobile influence from the designer. Along with the specially made lens, the camera also has exclusive equipment to go with the special edition, each of which is covered in leather that belongs to the interior of an Audi. Only 500 Leica M9 Titanium cameras will be made.

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New lens from Adobe will let users refocus on an image after it has been taken

Probably inspired by CSI, Adobe has created a lens that will allow refocusing on an image after it has been taken. It will likely also mean an end to all those Enhance jokes that CSI has given us. Adobe’s system makes use of a Plenoptic Lens placed between the camera’s usual lens and its sensor. By virtue of this lens, an image can have a lot more data, and virtually an “infinite” depth of field. This means an image can be set to any desirable distance after it has been taken. The technology is still a few years from commercial implementation, therefore it is safe to say Enhance.

Via: Laptop Mag, Engadget