Canon DSLR makes for a photogenic piggy bank

If you’re out looking for savings in a sweet package, having a piggy bank that looks like a Canon EOS DSLR may provide some motivation. The piggy bank accurately follows the looks of the camera, from buttons and switches to a detachable lens. Hopefully, the money from the camera piggy bank could one day lead to enough savings for the real deal. Costs $22.50.

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Shooting images with an egg pinhole camera

For Francesco Capponi’s egg pinhole camera, the camera ultimately becomes a photograph. It is so simple, yet so amazing. A common object like an egg used as both the camera, and then the photograph. Of course, getting the entire thing done requires delicate workings, but the results are well worth it. Just in case you’d want one for yourself, there’s a DIY guide to get things done.

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Concept merges iPhone with a Leica

Most of us use phones for the casual shot, and that works quite well. But if quality be desired, the iPhone cannot ever hope to match the finesse of a Leica, at least unless somehow both gadgets merge into one. And that’s where we head to the Leica i9 concept. Intended to function as an iPhone 4 accessory, the concept from Black Design Associates wraps up the phone like a case. Along with that, it brings the goodness of Leica in the form of a CMOS image sensor and lens, with effective 12.1 MP lens, 8× optical zoom, 35 equivalent focal lengths and ready-to-shoot operation. Shared battery capability for both devices makes the pot sweeter. The only hindrance of course is that it is a concept, a dream far from reality right now.

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Necono cat shaped camera

Cats rule the internets. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find something that can compete with a cute picture of a cat. What would make those cat pics even more interesting would probably be capturing the pics with a cat shaped camera. Aiming fairly and squarely at cat lovers, manufacturer Superheadz has come up with the cat-shaped Necono camera. It obviously isn’t the best at taking pics, but awwww… it’s so cute. Priced around $191, the camera should be available in May or June this year.

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Infrared painting is visible only to the digital camera

Take a Picture project by Toronto artists Brad Blucher and Kyle Clements shows a canvas that appears blank to the human eye. Whip out a digital camera though, and you’lll see the artwork clear as the day. The “magic” is due to the presence of wires and circuits in the canvas. These circuits emit infrared light that is invisible to the human eye, but can be seen by CCD in digital cameras.

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Olympus makes a tough, crushproof camera

You never expect cameras to do heavy lifting, but the new Olympus Tough would love to do exactly that. The camera has 14 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, 3D shooting mode and 720p HD video recording capability, but the highlight here is its ability to withstand weights of up to 100 kg, and act all tough. Additionally, the camera is shockproof for a fall of up to 2 meters, and freezeproof till -10 degrees Celsius. Olympus TOUGH-TG-810 is priced at ~$440.

Via: techradar