A History of Cameras – The Camera Collection

See animator Antonio Vicentini go through the world of cameras with this short and sweet animation. It is a fun recap of major camera models and the evolution we have seen in the last 100 years.

Clipon Lenses for the iPhone

We mostly use mobile phones for most of the photographs we capture, so it probably won’t be a bad idea to use lenses to go along with the phone. These clipon lenses work with the iPad and iPhone, and are available in a set of three that includes fisheye, circular polarizer or the 3-image mirage. […]

Revolve Camera Dolly

Revolve Camera Dolly is a platform that can virtually clamp on to any camera and offer a smooth video footage. It can move on a variety of surfaces and promises to be affordable as compared to other similar platforms.

Candy Coated DSLR Takes Tasty Shots

Effective as they may be, we can’t just count on run of the mill DSLRs to take sweet sweet photos. It takes candy coating on the gadget to do that. The camera is the work of PJ Linden, who coated it in 3D paint to give it a colorful appearance of being covered in candy. […]

iPhone Lens Dial

A phone lens certainly isn’t the best way to capture images, but since we are going to use the phone anyway, we might as well add some flair with lens accessories. The iPhone lens dial would be a useful accessory for those who take capturing images from their cellphones seriously. It starts off as an […]

Spoticam Lights: You’re Being Watched

We have become so acclimatized to security and CCTV cameras, we won’t even take another look at something of that shape. Although, this design by Antrepo does make us think that the shape would be pretty well suited for table lamps. Spoticam has been designed with a somewhat robotic shape and style, but at the […]

Air Camera Concept Won’t Ask For the Usual Point and Shoot

We’ve taken numerous “pretend shots” by framing a scene with a pretend camera made with our fingers. The Air Camera concept by designer Yeon Su Kim builds on the same premise, using the positioning of the fingers to capture images or video. The concept has two parts, a ring-like camera for the thumb, and a […]

Vintage Cameras Make Great Nightlights

Jason Hull used old, vintage cameras from the ’50s and ’60s and converts them into these really cool looking night lights. Hull is a Pixar employee and created these night lights to sell at the company’s craft fair in December, he does say that he will sell any unsold nightlights on Etsy.

Fully Functional Camera Made Using Lego Bricks

This fully functional Lego camera is the work of Cary Norton. It took him about a year to finish the camera and get it in working order, but seeing the results, we’ll say the Legotron Mark I apparently was worth the time and effort spent.

Nikon Camera Lens USB Speaker

We say keep the photography inspired gear coming. We’ll play chess, do a few shots, all while hearing to sweet music from these speakers, and probably take an awesome picture or two. Everything should have something to do with photography, like these Nikon Lens USB Speakers. Costs $19. Via CoolMaterial

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